GSL World Summit 2019

‘This experience has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. The values and leadership skills I have learnt has been very inspiring. Also the people I have met means I have a global network of friends which is amazing.’ Those inspiring words come from Emma, one of 79 participants who took part in the biggest GSL World Summit ever.


DSB International School | Generate4Generations - 2019 SEMI FINALIST - Social Media Champions


SEKOLAH PELITA BANGSA, CIREBON | LIFE – 2019 Semi Finalist – Social Media Champions

The Green Ninjas

Bunts Sangha’s - S M Shetty International School and Junior College | The Green Ninjas - 2019 SEMI FINALIST


The British School, Tokyo | eCool - 2019 SEMI FINALIST


The Ahliyyah School for Girls and The Bishop's for Boysl | ASGBSA TimeBank - 2019 SEMI FINALIST

Gender Inequality

Pathways School, Gurgaon | Gender Inequality - 2019 SEMI FINALIST

The Celebration of You

Pathways School, Noida | The Celebration of You - 2019 SEMI FINALIST

Affordable and Sustainable Housing in East Africa

Aga Khan Academy Mombasa | Affordable and Sustainable Housing in East Africa - 2019 SEMI FINALIST - Courage

The Dynamic Nashikites

Wisdom High International School, Nashik | The Dynamic Nashikites - 2019 SEMI FINALIST

Fighters for Education/Poverty

St Andrew’s International High School | Fighters for Education/Poverty - 2019 SEMI FINALIST - Resilience

Changing Cairo

New Cairo British International School | Changing Cairo - 2019 SEMI FINALIST