A transformational development programme for social leaders of the future

Join us for the Global Social Leaders World Catalyst: Live from London! From 27th-29th July 2022, like-minded young people across the world will come together for a transformational leadership experience. And we are inviting 11-17 year olds worldwide to be a part of it…

Proud to announce that our Global Impact 'Sanitary Poverty Group' have reached the semi-final of the globalsocialleaders Global Goals Competition & will have their work showcased at the GLS Festival in June! With 957 projects entered from 663 schools around the world, this is a massive achievement. Fantastic work GIN Group! .
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We are delighted to share that our Senior School pupils have been offered places for the fantastic COBIS Global Social Leaders World Catalyst, a virtual leadership weekend exclusively for COBIS schools! Contact Mr. Hall or visit: http://bit.ly/COBISGSLleaders to find out more #COBISLeadershipWeekend #GSLCatalyst ...

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Mutfaktan çıkan çiğ sebze ve meyve atıkları ASLA 🙅‍♀️ çöp değildir! Biz okulumuzun mutfağından çıkan bu atıkları yeniden toprağa kavuşturmak için kompost ♻️ yapmaya başladık bile. Bu hafta 5 bidonumuzu da hergün çıkan atıklarla doldurduk. 🤯 En önemlisi, bidonumuzda karbon ve azot dengesini tutturabilmek için çiğ atıklara saman, kuru dal, 🍂 çim, vb bahçe atıklarını da eklemek gerekiyor, böylece doğal gübremiz yavaş yavaş oluşmaya başlayacak. Takipte kalın😉
••••• Raw vegetable and fruit waste produced from the kitchen is NEVER 🙅‍♀️ garbage! We have already started making our compost ♻️ from the waste that is left in our school’s kitchen. This week, we filled all 5 bins with these wastes. 🤯 Most importantly, in order to keep the carbon and nitrogen balance in our bin, it is necessary to add straw, dry branches, 🍂grass, and other garden wastes to the raw waste, so that our natural fertilizer will begin to form gradually. Stay tuned 😉 isikkent_egitim_kampusu
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Our students aged 11 to 15 are eligible for FREE places on a fully funded virtual Global Social Leaders Summer Catalyst Home! Visit: https://bit.ly/GSLSummerCatalyst to find out more & book #GSLCatalyst ...

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Our students really do inspire us everyday with their ability to think of ways they can create a powerful impact in the world and effect change.

Taylor, Dani, Amelie, Sophie and Tyla have entered into the Global Goals Social Leaders competition.

Their goal - to make dance inclusive for everyone so they can experience the health benefits and reduce the impact stereotyping can bring.

They will be holding dance workshops for students in Year 7-10 so they can also be a part of this global project in this art form.

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On March 1st, I stepped up to the challenge and embarked on helping young people in my community develop an entrepreneurial mindset for them to develop skills and abilities to build a better life amidst adversity. Bonteheuwel is one township in a collective of poor townships known as the Cape Flats. Kids born in these townships face numerous difficulties and generally have low-self esteem due to being born poor, witnessing traumatic events in their streets and being raised in broken/dysfunctional homes.

My independent challenge had one goal in mind: Give young people the tool to build a better life amidst adversity and escape poverty for themselves and generations to follow them.

To achieve my goal, I ran a workshop at Arcadia Primary School in Bonteheuwel, teaching kids in Grades 4-7 the Art & Science of Entrepreneurship over the course of two weeks. The first half of the program (week 1) encouraged learners to think creatively, combat setbacks and be more curious in their pursuit to solve problems. The second half of the program (week 2) focused primarily on goal-setting and planning with the help of WOOP (a science-based mental strategy that people can use to find and fulfil their wishes, set preferences, and change their habits).

At the end of the program, learners had a better sense of direction and were able to identify problems in their community they could solve through entrepreneurial thinking. They also felt more comfortable setting goals and had more confidence in their capabilities.

We should encourage creative thinking & curiosity in young people and equip them with the tools to combat setbacks. If we can build a strong foundation for young people to pursue a life in entrepreneurship, or even just encourage entrepreneurial thinking, we will be building a generation that will bring an end to poverty.

Video Credits & Mentions: globalsocialleaders caleb_welkom_09 sunny.boy.riq its_tj999

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ICS student leaders in Secondary are raising awareness for the damaging effect of mask litter and the importance of environmental conservation as a part of the

Global Social Leaders

GLS Global Goals Competition.

They are engaging in discussion internationally through this competition platform to talk about environmentally-friendly alternatives to disposable masks and support the cause to eliminate the negative effects glove and mask litter is having during the pandemic. Learn more about their efforts and join the conversation at https://www.globalsocialleaders.com/ggcompetition/#phases!

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Super excited to have the lovely Lauren from the nzballet visit school yesterday. Two workshops were held for students to attend - organised by a team of students participating in the #gslgoals competition.

Their goal - to make dance accessible to everyone who wishes to participate in this amazing art form.


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We are delighted our students, Mihai and Sabina have been offered places for the fantastic COBIS Global Social Leaders World Catalyst, a virtual leadership weekend exclusively for COBIS schools! Visit: http://bit.ly/COBISGSLleaders to find out more #COBISLeadershipWeekend #GSLCatalyst


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globalsocialleaders bugün instagram hesabında iek_sosyal_etki_yaratanlar ekibimizin blogunu ve çalışmalarını paylaştı. Öğrencilerimizle gurur duyuyor, herkesi gelecek için bugünden harekete geçmeye davet ediyoruz.

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"This world needs people who are environmentally friendly and take action to find solutions to problems. If you are breathing in this universe, never forget that other living things have the right to breathe, and live!" 🌎🍃💨

We're delighted to share a new blog post written by iek_sosyal_etki_yaratanlar about their GSL Global Goals Competition project and experience. They have achieved a huge amount in a short time period, which is so inspiring ✨ check it out on our blogs page!

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ICS' second team participating in the globalsocialleaders Competition are working on a project aimed to improve the quality of education for special needs children in Na’ur by ensuring that the children have access to a well-furnished and sustainable learning support centre.

They aim to host a workshop with ICS’s own learning support department to improve the quality of education by educating the teachers further on the different disabilities and how to recognize and treat them best.

Great work ICS student leaders, we can't wait to see your work! To learn more about global social leaders and their world around the world, visit their site: www.globalsocialleaders.com/ggcompetition/

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Congratulations #LyceumKurunegala!
We are happy to inform the Lyceum Family that, the GSL team of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala will be honoured in taking part at the International Collaboration Debate on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, as part of their project this year.

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Places on the GSL World Catalyst programme are currently being offered at an incredible discounted rate ‼️

Join us and other young people from around the world from the 27-29 July 🙏☀️ share the opportunity with your parent/guardian or your teacher... and book today! Link in bio.

If you have any questions please get in touch via DM or gslcatalyst@future-foundations.co.uk ✉️

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Global Social Leaders is a chance for young people to change the world for the better through social action and personal development.

The GSL programmes are transformational leadership experiences delivered by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute that bring together young people from across the world who are driven to make social change on a global scale.

From joining our free Global Goals competition to attending the prestigious World Summit everyone can find a way to get involved in Global Social Leaders. Choose your path below.


The GSL Global Goals competition develops students’ understanding of global citizenship and helps to turn their ideas into reality. If you are a young person or a teacher looking for an exciting new challenge click learn more.


Welcome To GSL

Global Social Leaders is a chance for young people to change the world for the better through social action and personal development.

The GSL programmes are transformational leadership experiences delivered by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute that bring together young people from across the world who are driven to make social change on a global scale.

Catalysts are our three- or five-day programmes held in schools and colleges around the world.  If you are working in a school and are looking for a great training programme for students and staff click learn more.


This is a prestigious annual 12-day residential programme at Wellington College in the UK. If you are a parent looking for a transformational leadership experience for your child (age 11-17) click learn more.

What is the the GSL Festival @home?

This years theme is Small Actions, Big Impact focusing on how we can create ripple effects of change and harness our passions to make the world a better place. On the 17th and 18th of June 2021, participants will experience a mixture of inspirational speakers, interactive workshops and a showcase of international student-led projects, to develop the confidence, leadership and global understanding that promotes social harmony.

The GSL Festival @Home is unique, interactive, and filled with inspiration. It celebrates youth voice and gives students and educators the tools to create transformational social change. We will be sharing how 2,300+ young people from 76 countries have been achieving the United Nation’s Global Goals and shining a spotlight on those that have gone above and beyond. We will celebrate and support youth led action.

What continues to be a globally challenging time a year into the Decade of Action, we will focus on how we can continue to build back better.

This festival is for young people, educators, parents and leaders. It’s for everyone that believes in the positive power of people to be leaders in their lives and society. Join us from your home, your school, your community, your office – and be part of the GSL movement

We will come together again as we build towards a brighter more sustainable future for all.

It is time to Think Globally, Act Socially and Start Now.

Contributors of the GSL Festival @Home

Who is attending?

  • Students aged 11 - 17

  • Teachers and Educators

  • Socially conscious leaders

Please note, the registration is now closed

If you haven’t registered for the event you can tune in to all of our live stream. To find out which sessions are being live streamed check out the timetables below.

GSL Inspire

  • Are you a student who is passionate about global issues?
  • Have you run a social action project that you are proud of?
  • Have you got a great idea that you want to share with the world?

If you answered yes to any of those questions we would love to hear from you. We are currently looking for students who would like to speak at the GSL Festival.

Click on the button below to find out more information about this opportunity and register as a student speaker.

Over the course of two days, participants (students and teachers) will experience a mixture of inspirational speakers, a showcase of international student-led projects and interactive workshops to develop the confidence, leadership and global understanding that promotes social harmony.

We will be celebrating the effort and dedication of the 500 project teams that form this year’s Global Goals Competition cohort in over 105 countries and announcing a winner.

Following the Festival participants will be challenged to THINK GLOBAL and START a LOCAL project that addresses one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are “the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place” and run across countries, religions, politics, conflicts, and generations.

We look forward to celebrating with you all and welcoming you to join the Global Social Leaders movement.

Please share this opportunity with your networks. All schools are welcome to join the GSL movement.