The Red Padding Project | GSL Spotlight

The Red Padding Project (TRPP) is an entirely student run initiative based in Delhi, India. After connecting with GSL via Instagram to tell us all about their work , we are delighted to be able to share their story with you today.


OnePlanet.Student is a product of OnePlanet which is a technology company that helps organisations build their sustainable plans in a visually engaging way through the use of mindmaps. 

COP26 blog - There's no time for delay

My days in Glasgow for the 26th UN climate conference, also better known as COP26, were a complete whirlwind. Talks, panels, workshops, protests, actions… you name it, and it was there.


Global Social Leaders had the pleasure of meeting with Jack, Grace and Abi from the UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN) at COP26 in Glasgow. We discussed their role in the UKSSN, what brought them to the conference, their hope for the future, for COP26... and much more!


Global Social Leaders will be reporting LIVE from COP26, the 26th UN climate change conference in Glasgow, from the 2nd - 5th November.

GSL Summer of Change, Our Shared Experience

At the start of the summer holidays, we took part in the GSL Summer of Change, which was truly an unforgettable experience. This 5-day programme strengthened our leadership skills as well as opened our eyes to global issues outside of the problems we directly experience in the UK.

Creative Bravery Festival

The Global Social Leaders Youth Hub @ the Creative Bravery Festival

The Musafir Project

Vignesh Shanbag is a 23-year-old youth activist from Mumbai, India, who is helping the underprivileged and homeless of the city fight against hunger and period poverty.

Our GSL Journey

It’s been a year since hundreds and millions of young children from all around the world, speaking different languages, inheriting different cultures, all global leaders motivated to bring a change in the world have taken part in this competition.

GSL World Catalyst @ Home 2021

The GSL Catalyst was a virtual leadership development programme that took place over three days, from the 26th to the 28th of February 2021.

Future Foundations teams up with the Aldridge Foundation to deliver a GSL Bootcamp

The Chadwick International GSL Catalyst was a virtual leadership development programme that took place over three days, from the 17th to the 19th of March 2021.

Blue Marine Foundation

In light of the celebration of World Water Day on Monday, this weeks' Global Social Leaders spotlight is the Blue Marine Foundation!