The fifth annual Global Social Leaders (GSL) Festival is taking place on Wednesday 12th June 2024.

The GSL Festival is a celebration of youth voice and youth-led action, shining a spotlight on the 300+ young people running projects in 22 countries as part of the GSL Membership 2023-24.

Join the young people, educators and leaders to wrap up the year and celebrate the projects from this year’s Global Goals Competition. Hear from our young changemakers, an amazing panel of teachers and Zainab Salbi, our inspiring keynote speaker for this year!

If you are unable to join us for the live event, the recordings will be now available after the event below. You can also find out more about the Category Winners and the overall winners for both Junior and Senior further down the page.


We are so excited to have a day full of celebration, collaboration and learning! Hear how AI is shaping social action projects, how GSL member schools have fostered partnerships and collaboration with our panel of teachers and students and the action Zainab Salbi is taking as Co-Founder of Daughters for Earth.

Thoughout the day we will be celebrating all our GSL member schools and the projects teams have created, culminating in the announcement of the winners of the Global Goals Competition!


Join us for an engaging session where GSL students and educators around the world share their experiences of integrating AI into their social action projects. Learn how AI can amplify impact, explore real-world applications, and get involved in a discussion on the potential challenges and ethical considerations. Through interactive discussions you will gain insights and strategies to enhance your projects using AI, and maximise social impact.

The session will be co-facilitated by Darren Coxon, Founder of Coxon AI and Jonathan Harper CEO of Future Foundations and Co-Founder of Global Social Leaders


Darren is the Founder of Coxon AI, a consultancy specialising in leveraging AI to make schools places people want to be, not have to be. An educator for 25 years, Darren has most recently managed the operation of school groups, notably Brighton College’s international schools and Britus Education, Bahrain. Darren has been at the forefront of educational technology for many years, including leading the first state 6th Form in the UK to move to an iPad 1:1 model. He is now a major thought leader on AI in education and has delivered training, keynotes and workshops for HMC, COBIS, BSME, GSA, Independent Schools Portal, the National College, Wellington College, and GESS Dubai. Darren advised Global Social Leaders on our AI statement and strategy, and is a Final Round Judge for GSL.


Explore the value of partnerships and collaboration with some of Lead Teachers and their students from the GSL Membership this year. They have developed their social action projects and made incredible impact through the use of local partnerships. During this panel we will discern the importance of partnerships and how collaboration has enhanced the students’ projects.

Facilitated by Drishya Rao, the GLS Programme Manager, hear from three schools who have been on the GSL Membership this year.

Chilipo Gunda and Ndirande from Saint Andrews International School Malawi

Ilke Tekeli and The Sustainable Squad from Eyuboglu Educational Institutions

Minal Jain and Sattva from Jayshree Periwal International School


Zainab Salbi is a humanitarian, a writer and a social entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to women’s rights and freedom.  She is the co-founder of Daughters for Earth, a fund and a movement focused on funding, celebrating, and mobilizing women to protect and restore our Earth. She has frequently been named as one of the women changing the world by leading publications ranging from Newsweek to The Guardian. Oprah Winfrey identified her as one of the women changing the world to People Magazine and President Bill Clinton identified her as one of the 21st-century heroes to Harper’s Bazaar. Most recently, Zainab received the Times100 Impact Awards in 2023.

At the age of 23, Zainab founded Women for Women International, a humanitarian organization dedicated to women survivors of wars. Under her leadership (1993–2011), Women for Women International grew from helping 30 women upon its inception to helping more than 420,000 women and distributing more than 146 million dollars in aid.

Zainab is the author of several books, including the best seller Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny; Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam (with Laurie Buckland); The Other Side of War; Women’s Stories of Survival and Hope; If You Knew Me You Would Care,(with photographs by Rennio Maifredi); and her latest Freedom is an Inside Job; Owning our Darkness and Our Light to Change Ourselves and the World.

She is also the Executive Editor and Host of several shows including Through Her Eyes with Yahoo News, #MeToo, Now What? with PBS, The Zainab Salbi Project with Huffington Post, and The Nida’a Show with TLC Arabia.

She is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum and serves on the Boards of Vital Voices, International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP), and Synergos International.

Competiton Winners!

Overall Winners!

Eco Heroes the Junior Winners!

From Eyuboglu Educational Institutions, Eco Heroes’ vision is to implement a comprehensive and sustainable food waste reduction system in the school cafeteria. By introducing a food separation system, Eco Heroes aims to reduce food waste by at least 70%. A portion of food waste goes to composting facilities and the remaining edible food is donated to local shelters. Throughout their project, they learnt that doing things one step at a time, instead of rushing to do everything, contributes to the sustainability of their project long term. Eco Heroes hopes to continue this project throughout High School and then hand it over to another group of volunteers after them.

SightSense the Mixed Team Winners!

From Jayshree Periwal International School, SightSense have created smart affordable assistive glasses to empower the visually impaired. Their aim is to combat the unfairness being faced by underprivileged people who experience the unaffordable prices of assistive technology. The team wrote code, soldered wires and researched the best assistive technology along with raising more than $1600 from various innovation and social impact competitions. In 6 months SightSense had their first prototype and now they have established a sustainable business model that not only achieves social impact but also maintains financial viability, ensuring the long-term sustainability and scalability of our initiative.

Sattva the Senior Winners!

From Jayshree Periwal International School, Sattva created their project untabooed aiming to revolutionise the way teens read and learn about usually stigma induced topics such as puberty, menstrual and sexual health and consent. They have spread awareness in less educated and marginalised communities by holding sessions in rural areas, with more than 150 students attending and more than 500 people impacted. Sattva promote eco-friendly practices throughout, with 100 copies of the book made of recycled paper, ensuring their impact extends beyond words.


Session 1: Celebrating the Global Goals Competition 2022-23

The GSL Team showcased all the incredible projects that were submitted this year!

Some of our Judges also joined us to share their feedback of judging the projects and we announced the winners for the four categories; Climate & Sustainability, Quality Education, Health & Wellbeing and Partnerships & Collaboration.

Session 2: Taking your Action to the Next Level & Winners Announcement

The GSL Team shared further opportunities for young people to continue their journey as Social Leaders, including RISE and the Knowledge Foundation. A GSL Alumni, Cherry Sung, also shared her inspiring story and how she has continued her social action since participating in GSL. 

To wrap-up the session, we announced the overall Junior and Senior winners of the Global Goals Competition 2022-23.