All of the blogs featured on this page have been written by students from around the world who have taken part in our GSL Global Goals Competition.

Every article tells a story of incredible young people who are creating positive social change in their communities. Click on a photo below to read the blog of your choice.

Ask the expert reflections by Aisha, British International School Ukraine

A blog written by Aisha, a student from the British International School Ukraine, which is a Global Social Leaders (GSL) member school.  They took part in our 'Ask the Expert' day which included a range of sessions and spotlights, designed to support young people taking part in the 2022-23 GSL Global Goals Competition.

Speak Our Minds

The aim of "Speak Our Minds" was to gain more insight into the mental health needs of student members of our one-year boarding school community and find ways to support them in our environment.

The Innoverse

We created solar-powered lamps out of waste plastic bottles in an effort to be sustainable.

BEElive in yourself: English Bee Project

English Bee is a non-profit project which aims to provide an opportunity for primary students to develop their English skills. The pandemic has adversely affected the quality of education for children. According to the UN, COVID-19 led to an additional 101 million children in grades 1 through 8 falling below minimum reading proficiency levels in 2020.

A Small Change, Big Impact

We have developed our project to tackle the SDG goals which are #3 Good Health and Wellbeing and #13 Climate Action. We have done many action to tackle these SDG goals like organic farming, awareness campaigns, beach and mangrove clean ups, recycling campaigns ,short films, art works, surveys and a sustainable garden in our school. There were a lot of needs in local community and the main needs we have identified are the need of healthy organic food free of pesticides and lack of awareness among people about different diseases.

Mission Better Earth

I often wonder. How could our previous generations be so careless to have left us with the bleeding planet? How could they have not seen what is the impact their actions are having? I have now realised it’s the youth that needs to take charge. We cannot just sit and wait for actions to be taken by politicians or bureaucrats.

NurseBot | The New HighLine Of The Future

This project demonstrate a strong idea of  current-present pandemic which talks about the spread of new viruses and causing diseases. Using many resources and different discussions we found a creative solution that supports the medical field that specially consists doctors and nurses.

In Touch With a Better You

In Touch With A Better, You is a group informing/helping your mental health and allowing you to focus on yourself. Our goal is to help ensure people are not alone in their problems through Mental Health Awareness. Individuals around the world go through mental turmoil every day.

Transforming plastic…The beginning

Precious plastic is a small student-led social enterprise that aims to help the environment by upcycling waste plastic bottle caps to make jewellery and keychains. We have discovered that our local community and especially our beaches, are littered with waste materials, especially plastic bottles. These ultimately end up in the ocean and threaten marine life.

The nation’s duty is to provide unity

I believe that at least moderate quality education be given to every student in the world as it is the only way for progress and development to be obtained in this day and age. Every child has the right of learning about the environment around them and beyond.

A “Shift To Thrift” is needed

One of the arising issues that harm our environment right now is Fast Fashion. It is ‘fast’ in a number of senses: the changes in fashion are fast, the rate of production is fast; the customer’s decision to purchase is fast; delivery is fast, and garments are worn fast – usually only a few times before being discarded.

Our GSL Journey and Experience!

Entering the GSL Global Goals Competition, our group, Shades of Green aims to improve the life on land through creating a sustainable environment. Our movement consists of multiple stages that will help us achieve our goals, as a group, we started by innovating a device that uses an irrigation system which will automatically water plants once the sensors detect that the soil is dry and that it needs moisture.


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