We are excited to share the blogs written by students from around the World who are taking part in our GSL Global Goals Competition. Every article tells a story of incredible young people who are creating positive social change in their communities. 

We want all our participants to be inspired by each others journeys, and to feel part of a global network of schools and students who are committed to creating a better world.

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A Successful Challenge!

Hello again, Global Social Leaders! We are proud to announce that our Clean Plate Challenge was a huge success with countless people participating across the world!

The Universal Adversity of Remnant Electronics

Everyday, we cross paths with strangers we do not know. They may look like us, behave like us, but they may not be as privileged. They may not have the awareness, the education, the resources that we have.

Helping Underprivileged Children Achieve their dreams

The goal we have chosen is quality education. We have Identified that many children are living in poverty can not get proper education, which makes them less likely to go to college, and get a good job.

The change starts with us

SamaGreenDream began as a social media influence project, that focused on changing the ecological perspective of young people the city of Santa Marta, Colombia...

CACtus plants

In our local community, we identified that food has been wasted every single day. While many people are starving, people who are not do not care about the food they waste each day.

The secret of living is giving

We are Hunger Warriors, grade 8 students, have come together to work towards minimizing one of the most relevant issues – World Hunger.

Unite to make a difference

On the 26th of February 2020 we created a donation box for WFFT, we set up a table by the school gate and have raised loads already.

Happiness is only real when shared

Our motto is to make the world a better place to live in for generations to come.

Global issues - Zero Hunger

Our motto is to make the world a better place to live in for generations to come.

Collect For Future

Our main goal in this project is to make girls read and to raise awareness by collecting plastic covers.

We Care - Look Beyond, Reach Beyond

I am humbled to be selected for GSL fellowship to champion a cause close to my heart- providing food for the less privileged.

Swimmingly Yours

We are team SeaBreeze from grade 6 and we are working towards saving the marine life from all types of pollution, but we are mainly concentrating on plastic.