We are excited to share the blogs written by students from around the World who are taking part in our GSL Global Goals Competition. Every article tells a story of incredible young people who are creating positive social change in their communities. 

We want all our participants to be inspired by each others journeys, and to feel part of a global network of schools and students who are committed to creating a better world.

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Climate Action

Our first meeting gave us insight into the issues faced by our community and the world at large. We picked each other’s brains and realized that a staggering number of students are clueless about climate change and its effects, while it affects all and everyone should be concerned.

Deface fear with Grace!!

My team started an initiative called GRACE through which we hope to improve the status of women in the society by being the wind beneath their wings.

Project Moksha, Humaari Apni Kahani (Our Story)

Moksha is a Sanskrit word which refers to various forms of emancipation, enlightenment, liberation, release and freedom from a cycle of repression.

Waste Reduction Worm Farm

Sotogrande International School is notorious among students and staff to have a big food waste problem. As M5 students eating at the cantina on a daily basis, the GCP group identified this as a huge problem in our community that needed to be solved.

A Paw-erful Cause!

Injured, malnourished and infected dogs; which overcrowd the streets of our city are in dire need of our help.

Adopt A Lake

Taking the serious state of our lakes in Hyderabad and surrounding cities we realize the public does not recognize the damage they cause by dumping waste in these water bodies.

Join us in 'Tearing down walls, building up people' with the TearUp project!

The destruction of the walls that lock us in is not an easy feat. Many people build these walls to protect themselves and their families from something unfamiliar to them. Our mission this year is to slowly chip away at some of these walls that society has built and help let people with cultural and racial differences in.

Collect For Future

It is our duty to protect our world and leave it to the next. For this reason, we have developed a project on “Global Sustainable Goals" that all states are working on this year.

Global Aquality Changes

My group name for the GSL project is ‘Aquality’. We chose this name because our goals are ‘quality education’ and ‘Clean water and sanitation’. We chose these goals as we found out that our society is most lagging in these two.

Colombian Students Work on Mental Health Awareness

Our project is about spreading awareness of mental health. We were really intrigued about why society considers mental health a type of sickness or think that people that suffer from these are just seeking for attention.

Fundraising For The NHS

We have Millie, Isla And My Name Is Logan And I Am The Leader Of This Project And We Have Decided To Call Our Project "Fundraising For The NHS"

Global Citizenship Students are "INSPIRED" to reduce food waste at Sotogrande International School in Spain

We are the M5 Global Citizenship Programme (GCP) students at Sotogrande International School, a part of the family of Inspired Schools in Spain. Our tight-knit team is working hard on a project aimed at sustainability and the reduction of food waste.