The GSL Membership for 2024-25 is now open!

Our bespoke leadership and social action programme is for schools that share our vision to equip young people with the skills and mindsets to become socially conscious leaders in their lives and communities! Through this programme, students embark on a journey to design and deliver social action projects aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What is the GSL Membership?

  • An interactive project-based learning programme where students, ages 11-18 years, work in teams to design and deliver a social action project.

  • An opportunity for students from across the world to connect and learn from each other’s social action journey!

  • A programme which combines live virtual sessions for student Teams and teachers with student-led self-paced activities to encourage student autonomy and agency.

  • Students work in Teams to learn, apply, and strengthen skills of problem-solving, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, enabling them to adapt and thrive in life and future world of work.

  • This year’s programme further explores themes of Teamwork, Empathy, Resilience and Reflection to ensure a holistic learning journey for students.

What is GSL’s Learning Framework?

The programme is designed using the principles of research-backed learning frameworks like Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking, and International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Service in Action.

What does it mean to be a GSL Member School?

As a GSL Member School you can:

  • Register up to 100 students in the programme in Teams of 3-7
  • Register 2 Lead Teachers to join a community of practice of like-minded educators from across the world and get support from the GSL Team

Registered Teams from a GSL Member School will be able to:

  • Access our Teams’ Area (password protected webpage) with GSL Resources like Handbooks, a Do-It-Yourself Social Action Toolkit with activities, an Events Timeline and Masterclasses
  • Participate in live virtual sessions with experienced facilitators including GSL Trainings and Team Check-ins
  • Participate in exclusive Ask the Expert Webinars with inspiring guest speakers
  • Get invaluable feedback on their projects from Global Goals Heroes (GSL’s global network of professional volunteers)
  • Participate in GSL’s Global Goals Competition to win awards and recognitions
  • Receive a certificate upon completion of the programme
  • Receive monthly Feel Good Friday newsletters with stories and exciting opportunities

Registered Lead Teachers from a GSL Member School will be able to:

  • Access our Members’ Area (password protected webpage) with GSL Resources like Handbooks, Teacher Toolkit videos and activities, Events Timeline and Masterclasses
  • Participate in Lead Teacher Connect & Share Events which are live virtual sessions to connect and learn with peers from across the world and get support from the GSL Team
  • Share ideas, ask questions and make connections with peers through GSL’s online community space
  • Receive monthly Feel Good Friday newsletters with stories, research, resources and opportunities
  • Have an induction with our friendly GSL Team when they join and advice and support whenever they need it

Programme Structure for Teams

GSL Global Goals Competition

This is an additional opportunity within the GSL Membership for Teams to have their Project Portfolio recognised and celebrated as a part of their social action journey!

Teams have the option to ‘Opt In’ to the GSL Global Goals Competition during their Project Portfolio Submission stage in the programme. Their Portfolios will then be judged by an external group of judges enabling them to win awards and commendation for their projects.

The winning Teams will receive a certificate and be featured on the GSL website and social media channels.

GSL Membership Programme: Calendar Snapshot

This is the programme’s yearly flow of events at a glance! (Each event will be held at multiple timeslots to accommodate differing time zone needs) Please download the detailed timetable available in the button below which includes timeslots for events as well.

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“GSL is transformational for my students, and for me as a teacher.  We use GSL to support our IB Cas students, within the Design and Technology curriculum and as part of our SEN inclusivity strategy.  GSL membership has offered so much value and opportunities for our students and I would recommend all schools joining the community”

I learnt that the diversity of the world is so beautiful, and I truly believe now that, if we all connect and be kind to one another, we can accomplish so many different goals and tasks.
I really enjoyed the different sessions planned and the activities, I also enjoyed interacting with different people in the breakout rooms and getting to know them better by talking about the issues in our countries and our potential solutions.
GSL was good because, it helped us to learn many helpful things, and most importantly it helped us to find ourselves. It inspired us to succeed our goals, and advised a lot of ways to reach them.