All of the blogs featured on this page have been written by students from around the world who have taken part in our GSL Global Goals Competition.

Every article tells a story of incredible young people who are creating positive social change in their communities. Click on a photo below to read the blog of your choice.

The Sanitary Sisters: Break the Silence

What our project does for our community, more specifically to the girls in our school, is help them have access to menstrual products in a consistent and private way. This will be executed by installing a dispenser from the company we have partnered with, Aunt Flow.

Hestia’s Hearth: Home is Where the Hearth Is

Situated in one of the most impoverished areas in Asia, the Philippines has most of its population living below the poverty line. Especially vulnerable are the children whom are often either abandoned or neglected and left with no means of protection or care.

Light for Honduras

This project has been in our hands for more than two years; we started by carrying out campaigns to collect children's clothes, books, school materials, toys... and sending them in a container by sea to Honduras together with other associations in our town.

Mexico’s Forgotten Children

Mexico is a country extremely rich in nature and culture. Still, behind the alluring landscapes and tourism destinations, Mexico is also a country of contrasts, with a brutal justice system still lacking the efficacy and independence demanded under international standards.


Firstly, the need we have identified in our local community is the help for children with cancer, to make them be entertained and try to distract them from their routine at the hospital. Moreover, this idea came to our mind because one of our classmates in our school was suffering from this illness and we wanted to make him feel better and delighted in his days at the hospital.

EcoToys Mindset

Hello, we are EcoToys, and we are from Westside Middle School Academy. We created this project to inform our community about textile waste and textile recycling. We are also supporting our local animal shelters.

Simply Cleaners and Our Board Game Castle Cleanup

We are The Simply Cleaners - a group of schoolmates who joined this year’s competition in order to raise awareness of the importance of our environment, primarily the pollution created by people and the impacts of recycling.

Climate Clock is Ticking

Hello, we are the Climate Warriors. We are a group of six individuals who are passionate about different aspects, some of us want to focus on the segregation of waste and some want to focus on tree plantation and some on reducing single-use plastic, we may follow different routes but have the same goal, to stop global warming.

Hungry Helpers | Feeding the Need

The Hungry Helpers is the name of our project. The project that we are attempting to create is aimed at assisting those who are suffering from poverty and homelessness.

Be A Part Of The Solution Not The Pollution

We, as Fond of the Pond, have found that fighting for a common goal stands as to support our community in the Greater Danbury area. This is through maintenance of Ball Pond in New Fairfield with a clean-up crew. This will be scheduled from 4 pm to sunset. This can and will be a stable goal throughout because of the strong partnership we’ve developed with Ben’s Bells.

RUNning to Stop the Refugee Crisis

Our goal is to help and support the refugees by encouraging them to improve their physical and mental strength, and explore their potential through sports and tutoring programs.

Carbosine – Why, Who and What?

Hence, our solution is Carbosine - tracking and motivating students to initiate change in their lives to reduce carbon emissions. We plan on building an app that caters to the youth and provides advice on how to reduce their contribution to the global carbon footprint.


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