Pathways School Gurgaon

Climate Clock is Ticking

We are delighted to share a blog written by student Kushh, from Pathways School Gurgaon, who is part of a team delivering a Global Goals project for the 2021-22 GSL Global Goals Competition.

Their project is among over 957 social action projects currently running as part of the GSL movement and we are excited to be supporting them to design and lead positive social change in their community!

the experience was amazing and fun while helping the world and doing are bit to reduce global warming and do what ever we can

Project Summary

Hello, we are the Climate Warriors. We are a group of six individuals who are passionate about different aspects, some of us want to focus on the segregation of waste and some want to focus on tree plantation and some on reducing single-use plastic, we may follow different routes but have the same goal, to stop global warming.

We make a strong team as with the variety in our roles we can make a bigger impact. We have chosen this issue as we all are mindlessly using our earth’s resources and not bothering about the increase in pollution due to which the earth’s surface temperature is getting hotter by the year. We have to take drastic measures now. We all feel there is still hope to save mother earth but we have to wake up now. We are doing all we can do that is in our power to make the biggest impact we can. We are trying to raise funds by selling seed pencils made from recycled paper and cloth bags to plant about 170+ trees, and many trees can absorb 5100kgs of CO2 a year. There are many more actions that we are planning in the future to keep this movement alive. This may be a small step but every step counts.

The Journey

It is a remarkably interesting and fun journey so far; I improved and developed a lot of skills like research skills. Throughout I did a lot of research for my inquiry and that helped me a lot. I improved my communication and collaboration skills because I conned with my group members and took our actions and inquiry forward. Also self-management skills because I had to upload my work on time. Through the journey I learned a lot about myself – I did not know I could present my work in a beautiful way, that I could do research clearly, and understand what I read and document my understanding.

Coming towards the end we faced some challenges which we overcame. This included persuading people to buy our seed pencils – most of the people said no, but a lot of the people were generous and gave big donation. Also it was hard to go to other grades to spread awareness, it took couple of days to get permission, but it was very nice at last doing a puppet show to other grades. I am happy that I am going to make a change against global warming and making a better place for the next generation and my and others future.

The Next Chapter

I would recommend taking part in waste segregation and afforestation.

When we segregate waste, it reduces the amount of waste that reaches landfills, due to that it will take up less space. Pollution of air and water can be reduced when hazardous waste is separated and treated separately. Waste must be put in separate bins so that it can be dealt with in a courteous manner instead of harming the environment.

Afforestation means planting trees. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. It will also keep the soil rich and intact. Trees are storehouses of carbon dioxide and by planting them we are reducing carbon dioxide emissions.