Ask the Expert | Reflection by Aisha, age 13

British International School Ukraine

We are delighted to share a blog written by Aisha, a student from the British International School Ukraine, which is a GSL member school

They took part in our ‘Ask the Expert’ day which included a range of sessions and spotlights, designed to support young people taking part in the GSL Global Goals Competition.

My Reflections

Today I got a chance to attend a series of GSL events where I got to learn what I would not have been able to learn from school and it might have taken years of life experience to learn the same.

I got the opportunity to meet lots of heroes who helped millions of people with their courage, determination & creative problem-solving minds, also I got to hear their inspiring stories filled with struggles, hard work and success.

All the sessions left a mark but the “Importance of storytelling” and “project submission prep” seems to be customized for me. As I am a participant in the GSL Global Goals project for the first time, so, these sessions helped me reflect on our progress in the project, their precise expectations of us, and the gap between the two. The one-on-one session helped me understand how to reduce this gap. These sessions were extremely helpful and engaging.

As a 13-year-old, it was my first time getting to know people from around the world who are solving practical life problems of the world. It was really mind-opening & powerful to know that age or race does not matter when it comes to making a difference. Anyone can create a change by keeping a few key points in mind. I learned that we should start small and grow big. We should remain optimistic as well as realistic.

These sessions have made me believe that I, in my humble capacity, can make a big impact and help a lot. We have only one planet and we should take care of it along with its inhabitants. Working “together” is the key to creating long-lasting change and success. I understood what being a team means, what a team leader is supposed to be like and how to stay determined on a journey that will bring lots of hardships with it, but help and benefit others in such a way, that these struggles will be worth it.

After attending these sessions, I am ready to follow my passion and do what it takes to help solve the problems we are facing today. I am looking forward to engaging in such further events to broaden my horizons.

After attending these sessions, I truly understood the meaning of Steve Jobs quote below:

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do, Steve jobs