BISU (GSL Member School) Students Presented at Earth Day Megaconference 2024!

GSL Blog| 28th May 2024

Olena Skirko: Teacher from BISU Dnipro

“The conference was a valuable opportunity for our students to share experiences, exchange creative ideas, and improve their communication skills in a scientific context, leaving them with positive memories and inspiration for the future.”

In honour of Earth Day on 22nd April, The British International School, Ukraine (BISU) participated in the Earth Day Megaconference hosted by the National Video Conference Group. The global event centred on this year’s critical theme, “Planet vs. Plastics,” raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution.

Students from around the world, ages 12 to 17, presented their solutions to address environmental issues. Participants included schools from Uganda, the UK, Taiwan, Poland, Canada, Croatia, Turkey, Brazil and our schools in Ukraine, Kyiv and Dnipro.

In the spirit of fostering global citizenship and environmental responsibility, four BISU Year 7 and Year 8 students showcased their ideas, highlighting the dangers of plastic pollution and potential solutions implemented worldwide and in Ukraine. These solutions included bio-packaging, using recycled plastic for furniture and toys, and even converting plastic waste into fuel.

BISU students and teachers, especially those joining from shelters in Dnipro, demonstrated incredible resilience. Despite challenges, all students actively engaged in discussions with peers from Poland and Turkey, focusing on reducing plastic use in daily life.

A Taiwanese school brought a touch of authenticity to the conference with a special musical performance on traditional instruments, uplifting the spirits of all participants.

This isn’t the first time BISU has championed environmental action. Recently, our students participated in a COP28 international school challenge, which tasked young people with crafting a new law to counteract human-induced harm to the Earth.

Our students addressed diverse issues including climate change, species extinction, rising sea levels, and overfishing. Additionally, BISU students showcased their artistic skills to create impactful visuals, conveying the imperative of environmental protection to governments globally.

As educators, we are immensely proud of the commitment to environmental issues demonstrated by young people worldwide. This emphasises the power of education in shaping conscientious future leaders ready to make a positive global impact.

Vladyslava Patoka: Teacher from BISU Kyiv

 “It was all incredibly engaging and meticulously organised, with a modern and relevant theme. It’s a crucial initiative that I believe will encourage students to pursue scientific research further.”

Watch a snapshot of this incredible Megaconference on BISU’s Facebook and Instagram links below.