GSL World Summit is our (two-week) transformational annual leadership experience developed by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership Institute that brings together young people aged 11-14 (Junior) and 15-17 (Senior) from across the world who are driven to make social change on a global scale at Wellington College.


Wednesday 11th August – Sunday 22nd August 2021*

*please note that these dates may be subject to change

You will:

  • receive powerful leadership training

  • hear inspiring talks from influential people, organisations and businesses

  • make deep connections with a global network of young leaders

  • discover unique opportunities to give something back to society


I would recommend GSL to a friend
I am excited and energised about my future
Will you get involved in a social action project in your community
I feel more confident than I did at the beginning of the programme

participants have taken part in Global Social Leaders programmes in the UK and around the world


social action projects have been led by members of the Global Social Leaders movement


different countries represented at courses or taken part in our global competition


schools have joined the GSL movement by participating in our programmes



GSL isn’t an ordinary program. It doesn’t talk about problems. It talks about solutions. I makes us realise about the comfort zone that we usually dwell in but also provides practical solutions to overcome it. Because that’s where the real work is done. That is where change occurs. That is where leaders lead. GSL teaches you not only how to lead, but also how NOT to lead. It dispels the myth that leaders and dominators. It shows us that leaders are the most compassionate humans of all. GSL teaches you, at the end of it all, how to live a life that can make a difference.

You should join GSL as it is a great opportunity to meet new people from across the world. It helps you work on your leadership skills and teaches you new skills everyday. It is an opportunity to make life long friends and to help you decide what you want to do in the future. GSL can help you work on things like public speaking and its fun as well!

A new opportunity to learn. A new domain to master. A new field to dive into. As I take the next step towards self-advancement, I remember these words from Michelangelo,

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”.

The Global Social Leaders Programme has been a testimony to the the fact that nothing is impossible. Change only requires a spark and it is GSL that helps light that spark in individuals. This programme will not only make you realise what you are really capable of but also re-instill in you the values and principles which will make you change this world. Therefore, I believe being a part of this extra-ordinary programme, you can move a step forward towards making this world a better place.

You should join GSL because it is more than just community service. GSL is creating and forming connections and uniting youth of today. It is easy to isolate ourselves into our own world, but what I learned through meeting kids from all over the world is that although we do have differences, our struggles and our dreams are the same.

GSL gave me the opportunity to see the world through different eyes through the stories that my friends told and the experiences that they went through.

From the team bonding that you do to the discussions that you have, you learn what it really means to be a leader, but also how to be a follower, a partner and most importantly, a friend.

Why should you join GSL? As a former student of this two week long GSL World summit programme, I have to say that even though It was the very first time for being in the UK, and most importantly, the first time I was away on a trip away from anyone I knew.

From the time I walked into the gates of the Wellington College as an individual student, not once did i feel alone or awkward. The warmth every member from the team of GSL exuded was just extremely welcoming.

Now as a student, and also considering that we all love food, and if you are a Harry Porter fanatic, then this is the place for you. The reason why I say these things is simply because food is the one thing on the list of other amazing things which is mouth watering. And the part where I begin to mention being a Harry Porter fan, is because the main food hall on the Wellington grounds was simply magical. Right from the wide variety of food and the freedom you get to take in as many hot chocolates as you like was simply amazing. The decor of the entire space you would eat your three meals will make you feel as though you were seated in palace hall. While on campus, you will get a chance to talk with 100s’ of other students from your similar age group, outside the GSL summit, who would be on the college grounds to pursue other courses of their interest. This will give you an open window to make new friends in other parts of the world too.

As a student, if you have always wanted to experience the”dorm life” but never actually got to do it, then this is the chance. You will learn to borrow and share and be there for each other while you stay with other girls.

Now lets come to the most important part of why you really should. Okay, so firstly, it will change the way you perceive social issues and their possible solutions. You will be more open to a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Let me say why. You see, physically healthy because they would encourage you to wake up at 6 am to either do some yoga; play some football; or simply just go for a run. This will give you the kick from within to live a better life. Mentally healthier because, activities like talking about each other, in terms of how you feel about others in your group and giving them positivity as well as constructive feedback on how your team member could improve; would benefit you in two ways.

First, it would make a way more sensitive person than you already are, and secondly, you will begin to notice meaningful changes in your personality. Secondly, by the end of the youth summit, you will have tears in your eyes because I did when it was time for me to leave, and so did everybody else, but those tears washed away all the haziness I had about myself as a leader.

You think its too much of philosophy?

So let me come to the fun parts. Your free time which will be plenty, you will be hanging out in the cute coffee shop, on the sofas of which you can find yourself lounging day and night with your favorite drink in hand, staring into the open sky through the see through roof. Other times you can chill in the sprawling green lawns where you can stargaze, listen to music, read a book, or play game of your choice; its up to you. Experiencing the tough rains in the all the muck and sweat, you will end up making a water raft with your team inmates, and this will make you feel the joy of victory.

The course will also offer you a chance to go visit London as well as the Oxford University, which is a great opportunity.

So you will experience friends, victory, teamwork, the joy of living, Doing something, bringing change, and most of all, exploring a different side of you. Basically, this course is a game changer that will play a huge role in transforming you.

GSL is an amazing program to join, as they enforce all the principals to become a great leader on participants. To begin with they encourage you to become risk takers through the team challenges, talent shows and speech opportunities.

GSL buiilds curiosity, empathy and open-minded principals by the different inspiring speeches given by guests, the chance to meet new people from all over the world who have different opinions and perspectives.

Thirdly, a mindful, smart and innovative characters a built through the team challenges and working on the social projects, by seeing what would work and what would not. They also teach you how to make something positive out of mistakes or previous attempts.

Moreover, GSL builds a strong network of people you can meet and reach out to when you need help throughout your leadership courses and your journey overall.

I joined the program 2 years ago, not only was it a lot of fun, I built amazing friendships with other alumni and staff to whom I can reach out to for anything or help support. GSL is not only a summer program, it is an experience and a family that will last for much more than just the 2 weeks in the summer. Grab the opportunity and join now!



Teacher programme

The Global Leaders in Education Programme is a bespoke leadership programme for teachers. It runs alongside the GSL World Summit which is held in August 2021. The programme is a perfect opportunity for professional and personal development and a chance to meet teachers from around the World.

The seeds of inspiration that gave rise to this programme include Harvard Business School’s Leadership Initiative and the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Centre. As such, it draws upon the science of positive psychology and the latest research in leadership.

As a participant you will have the opportunity to shape your GSL experience by choosing subjects that you would like explore. You will be invited to complete a short survey before your arrival that will help us meet your personal leadership goals. Please note: It is possible to complete assignments on return to your schools, which can lead to a Leadership Certificate or Diploma. All participants will also receive a certificate of completion.

The Global Leaders in Education Programme is supported and quality assured by the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. 

‘To develop leaders who empower their teams to flourish and be the best they can be.’
Programme objectives:
  • Reflect on your vision for leadership in education
  • Understand the conditions that allow teams to reach their potential
  • Review current research to improve your understanding of what really matters for successful leaders
  • Improve your understanding of aspects of leadership you have identified as a priority
  • Reflect deeply on your own leadership to enable you to develop teams that flourish
  • Create strong links with teachers from around the world and grow your network

I learned a lot from the ‘Teacher Leadership Training’ as a young professional. The session on values searching and coaching stood out the most. I really enjoyed the introspective work and observing the student programme as it pushes students to take leaps. They grow so much and I’ve seen so many acts of courage.



  • 12 days & 11 nights accommodation at Wellington College
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments
    Packed lunches for excursions
  • 10 full days of interactive workshops, experiential team tasks, personalised coaching and outdoor activities
  • Onsite entertainment included
  • One dedicated Team Coach per 12-15 participants
    Diverse staff team from a range of academic and professional coaching backgrounds
    Operations support team including 24-hour pastoral care
  • Participants from previous GSL programmes returning to support, advise and act as peer mentors for new participants
  • A cultural day trip to the University of Oxford
    A sightseeing day trip to London
  • Use of Wellington College’s facilities including sports fields, cafes and swimming pools
  • All programme session materials including GSL Handbook
  • Free GSL t-shirt on arrival
  • £2695*
  • *The price per student is reduced by £200, if your deposit of £500 is made by 15th December 2020. Please note there are only 30 places available at this price.

  • 12 days & 11 nights accommodation at Wellington College
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments
    Packed lunches for excursions
  • 10-hour staff leadership programme delivered by the Wellington Leadership Institute plus full access to main programme
  • Pastoral care provided for participants
  • Wellington Leadership Institute teaching and support
    All staff from main participant programme

  • A cultural day trip to the University of Oxford
    A sightseeing day trip to London
  • Use of Wellington College’s facilities including sports fields, cafes and swimming pools
  • All programme session materials including GSL Handbook
  • Free GSL t-shirt on arrival
  • £995*
  • *For groups of 10 students we offer one free teacher place.

Welcome & Departure Package

We also offer an additional “Welcome & Departure Package” option to help with the logistics of getting to Wellington College from Heathrow Airport. This is ideal for those travelling without their school and groups travelling from from abroad. Please note for school groups of 5 or more students we offer a discount of £50 per student.

Meet & Greet at London Heathrow Airport on Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Transfer to Wellington College

Transfer to London Heathrow Airport on the final day of GSL World Summit

£200 (for individuals)

£150 for Groups (above 5)


The GSL Global Goals competition develops students’ understanding of global citizenship and helps to turn their ideas into reality. If you are a young person or a teacher looking for an exciting new challenge learn more.


Catalysts are our three- or five-day programmes held in schools and colleges around the world.  If you are working in a school and are looking for a great training programme for students and staff learn more.