Hello Parents!

Empower Your Child to Become a Changemaker Today.

Looking for a learning experience that will equip your child with essential social and leadership skills? GSL offers just what you need. Through our programmes, your child will:

  • Engage in an Interactive Learning Programme

    Based on GSL’s 4-step Learning Framework—Explore, Enquire, Engage, and Evidence—our curriculum incorporates Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking, and the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Service as Action.

  • Access Exclusive Resources

    Our ‘Do-It-Yourself Social Action Toolkits’ and other resources such as Masterclasses will support and guide their social action journey.

Exciting Opportunities for Your Child to Get Involved with GSL!

Discover how your child can join the Global Social Leaders (GSL) programme and develop essential skills while making a positive impact. Here are some engaging ways to get started!

GSL Catalyst Course

  • Tailored for students aged 11-14, this 4-month leadership course is a transformational experience.
  • Enrol your child to participate independently and choose between the ‘July to November’ or ‘November to March’ sessions based on their schedule

GSL Accelerator Course

  • Designed for students aged 15-18, this advanced 4-month course not only involves social action projects but also helps students leverage their experiences for university applications and future careers.
  • Enrol your child in either the ‘July to November’ or ‘November to March’ course, depending on their availability

GSL Membership

  • This year-long virtual programme offers schools the opportunity to join a global community of schools dedicated to empowering students aged 11-18 years to become socially conscious leaders.
  • Students get to collaborate in Teams to design and implement impactful social action projects.
  • Additionally, they can showcase their projects and compete for awards and recognition in GSL’s Global Goals Competition.
  • Email us to check if your child’s school is a member, and if not, share the GSL Membership webpage with a teacher or school administrator

Wondering how else you can support your child’s school with Membership?

  • Sponsor their Membership through the PTA or encourage your employer to sponsor their Membershi
  • Support your child’s project or the projects of others; do you have professional skills or a network that could support? Students are encouraged to develop partnerships to support their projects – could you be a support for that?

Calling All Passionate Parents: Become a Global Goals Hero!

Are you a leadership and learning enthusiast eager to inspire the next generation of socially conscious leaders? Join us as a Global Goals Hero!

Global Goals Heroes: Our dedicated network of professional volunteers is united by a passion for empowering young people to become changemakers. As a Global Goals Hero, you’ll have various opportunities to share your experience and insights with our participants, including:

  • Providing feedback on projects
  • Judging the Global Goals Competition
  • Speaking at our events
  • Contributing to our masterclasses

Your expertise and enthusiasm can make a significant impact.

Register today!

“GSL is transformational for my students, and for me as a teacher.  We use GSL to support our IB Cas students, within the Design and Technology curriculum and as part of our SEN inclusivity strategy.  GSL membership has offered so much value and opportunities for our students and I would recommend all schools joining the community”

I learnt that the diversity of the world is so beautiful, and I truly believe now that, if we all connect and be kind to one another, we can accomplish so many different goals and tasks.
I really enjoyed the different sessions planned and the activities, I also enjoyed interacting with different people in the breakout rooms and getting to know them better by talking about the issues in our countries and our potential solutions.
GSL was good because, it helped us to learn many helpful things, and most importantly it helped us to find ourselves. It inspired us to succeed our goals, and advised a lot of ways to reach them.