Thank you so much for taking part in our Global Social Leaders (GSL) Global Goals Competition.  Please watch the guideline videos below to understand what is required of you with regards to submitting your project.  Your team is expected to submit the following using our below dedicated submission form:

  1. Written Report (up to two pages A4)
  2. Digital Submission (up to 3 minutes) 

Your report and digital submission should be a team effort and should clearly outline how your team’s project has met the Judging Criteria.

When completing this form, please ensure that all team members’ names are clearly written.   Only students named in the final project submission will receive a certificate. 

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please email: or click here to start an instant chat with our team during UK office hours.

We look forward to receiving your final project submission!

Massive thank you and well done to all the teams who completed their final submission before the deadline (Midnight 1st May UK time)!

We will now begin the initial stages of judging and we are ready to be inspired!

We will inform all the teams on their progress via email no later than the end of May.

Judging Criteria

1: Your learning and knowledge gained

a) Share your learning and the
skills you have developed

b) Demonstrate the knowledge you have gained about your community

c) Understanding of the SDGs

2: Your impact on others and the community

a) Measure and demonstrate how your
project has helped to address one or
more of the Global Goals

b) Number of students, community
members and organisation(s) involved
in and impacted by your project

c) Number of hours spent working
on the project

3: Special Recognition

a) Demonstrate how and where you
have involved other people and
partners in your project

b) Show that you have considered
the sustainability of your project

Reward & Recognition

This year, in addition to the overall winner we are excited to be introducing a number of new commendation awards, to shine a light on outstanding achievements of  in the following categories: Resilience, Courage, Impact, Collaboration, Enterprise. Social Media and UK Regional Standout. 

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.  The winning team will win a 3 day Global Social Leaders Catalyst programme for up to 20 participants at their school in the academic year 2019-2020 delivered by GSL facilitators visiting their school. Participants are also entitled to a discounted place on the GSL World Summit.

The finalists’ project reports and digital submissions will be published online after the competition, creating an inspirational resource bank for future students and schools, demonstrating the impact young people can have.