GSL Summer of Change | Our Shared Experience

By Charlotte, Jade & Alice

From the 12th-16th and 26th-30th of July, young people from 21 countries worldwide came together to learn, to share and to connect as socially conscious leaders. The five day online GSL Catalyst courses educated and inspired participants to “be the change,” and taught transformative lessons about leadership, wellbeing and sustainable development. They were empowered to take on a 30 day independent social challenge in their own communities and environments.

Ten students from Heathfield Community College in the UK took part in the programme, and three of them jumped at the chance to write a blog post about their experience. It is an excellent piece of writing, which encapsulates everything that GSL really is. Thank you to Charlotte, Jade and Alice for sharing your GSL journey with us.

Click here to read an article written on the schools website: Heathfield Students’ Summer of Social Change