“Love is the foundation of great leadership. The best leaders are always thinking about a way to help the team members to grow and to thrive. Love comes from the most sincere thoughts and actions. Feel the love, be the love, spread the love.”

“I will continue to remind myself of my worth and that I have to be resilient because no storm lasts.”

“I learned that exchanging ideas with people from different nationalities, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds helps you to think in a different way, and to get other perspectives of the world.”

“I felt so much love and interaction during the program that I felt connected even when we were miles away from each other.”

“Everyone can change the world in their own way through their own passions – honestly our generation has so much power in our hands that we don’t even realize.”


You have completed the Summer of Change GSL World Catalyst @Home

Now it’s time to celebrate!

This page contains key information about the virtual graduation ceremony, certificates and next steps, so please read carefully.

About Graduation

Graduation will take place online via Zoom on:

Monday, 13th September 2021 at 08:00 or 15:00 (UK TIME).

Please attend the morning or afternoon session based on when you attended the virtual leadership weekend.

  • You will attend the MORNING graduation ceremony if you were in the TEAM 1 and TEAM 3 .
  • You will attend the AFTERNOON graduation ceremony if you were in TEAM 2 and TEAM 4

We will celebrate the end of the programme and share the details on how to get involved in our GSL Global Goals Competition (free to participate).

You will receive your e-certificates via email on Wednesday after the graduation event.

What will happen at graduation?

  • Celebrate student achievement

  • Connect with participants & coaches for one final time

  • Reflect on learnings & takeaways

  • Learn about challenges & triumphs from our students

  • Join the GSL Fellowship


If you are using a mobile device we advise you to download the app ahead of the start of the event. If you are using a windows PC click here do download an installer on your PC.

Please click on the link below to join graduation! Once clicked you will be asked to insert your email address and your name.