The Musafir Project

Mumbai Food Run & Project Red

Vignesh Shanbag is a 23-year-old youth activist from Mumbai, India, who is helping the underprivileged and homeless of the city fight against hunger and period poverty.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns left many of the city’s inhabitants vulnerable, and  a loss of daily wages due to the COVID restrictions resulted in the urban poor depending on charities.⁣

Last year, under his non-profit organisation, The Musafir Project, Vignesh decided to step in and help those who were in need. The Musafir Project is currently comprised of two initiatives; the Mumbai Food Run and Project Red. 

Vignesh has been presented with a prestigious award by the Diana Award Committee for his immense efforts in social work.

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As the lockdown was announced in March 2020, a large portion of the population in our country started facing numerous issues with respect to arranging necessities like food and basic sanitary care. Many were dying out of starvation as they didn’t have access to even a single meal a day.

The Mumbai Food Run is an initiative that was launched in April 2021 which purely focused on COVID relief operations for the underprivileged and homeless of our city. What started as a 7-day food distribution drive has now officially turned into a movement where they have already distributed over 35,000 meals. Their current goal under the Mumbai Food Run is to distribute over 50,000-80,000 meals in the next few weeks.


It is a very sad but true fact that even in today’s date, due to financial reasons or lack of awareness, many women use cloth or even hay during their menstrual cycles.

Under this initiative, they set up a team of over 100 people and entire supply chain was created for sanitary pads in the city. With the help of huge donations, they were able to purchase and distribute sanitary pads all over the city! This great initiative positively impacted thousands of women and the awareness which was spread surely did bring about change. They have successfully distributed over 40,000 sanitary pads over the past year and are expecting huge consignments to come in that will be distributed soon!

“If you have an opportunity to step out and help the society, please remember to take it since there is a huge need of help. When you have all need in life, build a longer table, not a larger fence.

I believe that the youth of the country are the leaders of tomorrow. Hence I urge people to step out and help. If you have empathy & compassion, you will surely grow, and even if you don’t, you can still grow and develop these qualities.”

Vignesh Shanbhag, Founder of the Musafir Project