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Refugee Help

Congratulations to our Global winner of the 2017-2018 gsl sdg competition

What Our Judges thought

One judge, Cara Flowers, Global Coordinator, Scaling up Nutrition Civil Network, said ‘I loved this project as it was inspired by personal experience and a desire to act in an effective as well as compassionate way. We need more projects like this in the world!’

Daniel Juhn, Vice President, Conservation International stated ‘I would recommend you document some suggested steps and considerations and your overall approach and package it for others. With some work you could inspire others to adopt your “model” (not the what, but the how) to scale up and replicate your success, and the important message behind the project.’ 

‘Shows real learning through breaking boundaries and reaching across divides. A project based on compassion and understanding. Inspiring!’ Mark Stevenson, Independent

‘You started by asking what these kids wanted/needed, listening to their answers, and planning accordingly. You’d be surprised how rare that is. Please keep this going! This work is more important than you can imagine!’ Dr Pamela Collins, Associate Scientist, Conservation International

‘Really understands the stories of the UASC’s in Shrewsbury and brings their stories to light which immediately finds commonality and bond. Thought sensitively about how to help, in which environment and selected activities which are bonding and inexpensive.’ Anna-Louisa Psarras, Psarras Consulting

‘Demonstrates a high level of emotional literacy and empathy and can significantly assist community cohesion, peace and justice.’ Tamzin Ratcliffe, CEO, Impact Trust