Threads for Change – Bradfield College, United Kingdom


Our project was set up to use recycled fabric materials donated by large warehouses, small businesses, or individuals to facilitate the assembling of a pack which contains all the materials necessary to make a quilt. This pack would have been distributed to various members of the community who are elderly or lonely, regardless of whether they live independently or in a care home or hospice. The packs will contain all necessary materials for the making of a sheet with different patterns, textures and colours of fabric, and it will also contain a postage bag, allowing the recipient to post the completed sheet back to me, so that me and some friends are able to assemble a quilt using this sheet and the left over duvets at our school which would otherwise be disposed.

This will not only help improve the share of skills and spread joy through sewing, but the sparking of a new hobby will also help improve the elderly or lonely persons mental wellbeing. The quilts will then be donated to either a homeless person on the streets or a previously homeless person who has just been offered council accommodation, therefore saving them from having to spend money purchasing a new one, increasing the amount of money saved in their pockets and also reducing the need for the purchasing of cheap and fast goods, which are often damaging to the environment. The homeless people are also provided with a sentimental gift, reassuring them that they are not neglected within society and that their presence is valued.