GSL Goals on Social Media

We are excited to share a live Instagram feed for the Global Goals Competition, featuring posts from  young people around the world, in real time.

Join the GSL movement and help to build followership and support for your social action project by using the hashtag #gslgoals. We love to engage with your posts and add comments of encouragement so make sure to tag @globalsocialleaders in your posts related to the Global Goals Competition.

We currently use Instagram’s top posts setting in our live feed and challenge you to engage with as many people as you can.

There are plenty of tips and tricks available online to help you increase your engagement on Instagram. Do your research, try new things and have fun!

There is just 1️⃣ week left to book your place on the #GSLCatalyst at a the discounted Early Bird price!

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to develop your #leadership skills, meet likeminded young people from around the world and inspire each other to create positive change in your communities! 🌎🙌

The Catalyst Course will be running from 28th-30th July. Go to the link in our bio to book your place now!

Any Questions? Email us at

#GlobalSocialLeaders #Changemakers #YouthSocialAction #GlobalGoals

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"Sürdürülebilir bir yaşam mümkün" demek için buradayız ♻️
📍 📍 📍
We are here to say "a Sustainable life is possible" 💯

#globalsocialleaders #ışıkkenteğitimkampüsü
#gslgoals #zerowaste #secondhand #sdg12 #sdg13 #sustainabledevolopmentgoals
#gaiacouture #sustainablelifeispossible 💯

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📣 BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN for this year's summer programme... GSL World Catalyst: Live from London! 🌎🙌

Are you aged 11-17? Passionate about wanting to make a positive difference to the world?... 💭✨

Well... this is an incredible opportunity for you to gain the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence you need to begin your social action journey and become a true global citizen. AND you'll meet like-minded people from across the globe who will become friends and supporters for life 🤗

Please note this is a virtual programme with an option for school groups to attend in-person in London. If you are taking part in the competition, you will have access to an exclusive coupon code that will give you money off! 💲

Link in bio 👆 Any questions, please email:

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Young people from 18 countries worldwide are coming together online to begin their transformational leadership journey as part of the upcoming GSL World Catalyst course, taking place from the 27th - 29th of July 🌎 Say hello in the comments if you're joining us! 👋

Dates for the next GSL Catalyst course are: 28th - 30th October 2022. To reserve a place, fill out the form linked in our bio.

#gslcatalyst #globalsocialleaders #onlinecourse #youthcourse #leadership #leadershipcourse

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We are delighted to share that our Senior School pupils have been offered places for the fantastic COBIS Global Social Leaders World Catalyst, a virtual leadership weekend exclusively for COBIS schools! Contact Mr. Hall or visit: to find out more #COBISLeadershipWeekend #GSLCatalyst ...

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Sürdürülebilir bir yaşam ve daha iyi bir dünya için bizimle değişime hazır mısınız❓️😉
Are you ready for a change with us for a sustainable life & a better world?🌎
#gslgoals #zerowaste #sdg12 #sdg13 #gaiacouture #secondhand #sustainablelifeispossible #sustainabledevolopmentgoals #greatteam #işıkkkenteğitimkampüsü #globalsocialleaders

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There are 5️⃣ days remaining to secure your place on the GSL World Catalyst: Live from London at an discounted rate! ⏳💰 Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to develop your leadership skills, create or develop a project, meet people from around the world, and become a true global citizen 🌎

The Catalyst course is taking place online from the 27th - 29th July, for 3.45 hours per day. The whole programme (including 30 days of action, graduation and certificates) costs £185 pp if booked before Monday 16th May.

Share the link in our bio with your parent/guardian to secure your place 👆

For more information please DM us or email

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🤩 the Greenlist team only went and made the finals and came away with the highly commended award for “sustainability” so proud of the powiis_globalsocialleaders, powiis_preciousplastic and powiis_ecocommittee team we can not wait to share their story and the progress they have made in setting up a recycling station for the community which will have a soft launch at our 10th anniversary celebration 🎉 on the 25th June big thank you to seamonkeyproject pggreencouncil and realpreciousplastic community for the support • globalsocialleaders We are so proud to finally announce the winner and finalists of the GSL Global Goals Competition 2021-22 🥳 Drum roll please...

The winners are...

🏆 CMath (Communauté Mathématique), International School of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 🏆

And the finalists are...

⭐️ Gharana – Jayshree Periwal International School, India
⭐️ Mental Health Notebook, Eton College, UK
⭐️ Enlighten, Colegio Anglo Colombiano, Colombia
⭐️ The Greenlist – Prince of Wales Island International School, Malaysia

Many many congratulations to you, and to all teams who participated in this years competition. Thank you for the work you are doing in your respective communities around the world to build a better and brighter future for us all 🌎🙏

Head over to the GSL website's project library to take a look at all of the project's who received a commendation award 🎖 Each page has a description of the project, the SDGs they are addressing, their digital submission and their final report. Simply type your project's name in the search bar to find your page!

If you attended the GSL Festival today we really hope you enjoyed it! Now the countdown begins until the launch of the GSL Global Goals Competition 2022-23 during Global Goals Week in September 📅🚀

#gslgoals #gslfest #globalsocialleaders #socialaction #globalgoals #sdgs #supportyouth #youthvoice #empoweryouth #powiis #powiispenang #powiisprimary #preciousplastic #waste #sdg12responsibleconsumptionandproduction

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Exhibition today! Make sure you check it out!! 😊


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There are 4️⃣ weeks until registration closes for this summer's Global Social Leaders World Catalyst - a transformational development programme for social leaders of the future. We're excited to share that young people from the following countries are already signed up:

🌎 China
🌎 Hong Kong
🌎 Mombasa
🌎 Indonesia
🌎 Nairobi
🌎 Singapore
🌎 South Korea
🌎 Vietnam

Share the programme with your parent/guardian or supporting teacher today and join us in July 🤩

Find out more on our website or email us for more information at:

#gslcatalyst #globalsocialleaders

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