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Future Foundations, an award-winning organisation that inspires young people across the world held the conclusive day of the Global Social Leaders (GSL) Festival @ Home today, in partnership with the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute. This event puts young people at the forefront with guests including educators, parents and leaders from the public, private and third sector.

The Zoom rooms throughout the day included a global assembly where key speakers were speaking directly with the GSL cohorts, educators, parents and leaders, a future room for global classroom break-outs for the young, a foundation room for educators, teachers and parents to listen to key talks, plus a live stream room which showcased a large group of socially conscious young leaders networking and sharing their personal stories from getting involved in the movement.

Today there were over 25 guest speakers including:

  • Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society
  • Janvi Patel, Co-founder, Halebury
  • Charles Eisenstein, speaker and writer
  • Amrit Kaur, Musician, Historian and Social Entrepreneur
  • Ben Scott Robinson, Small Robot Company
  • Josefa Carina Tauli, Global Youth Biodiversity Network
  • Noga Levy-Rapoport, UK Student Climate Network
  • Jason Moore, Empowerment Coach & Speaker
  • Fredi, Andy, John and Jack, Voicebox
  • Clemance and Ilma, Ellen MaCarthur Foundation
  • Alistair Bullen, ABA
  • Richard Dunn, Harmony
  • Simon Wilshaw, C-Me Colour Preferences
  • Susannah Chambers, Scrummaster and Education Consultant
  • Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston, Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute

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There was a special spotlight on Black Lives Matter, which featured panellists:

  • Owen Bailey, Future Foundations (panel chair)
  • Khadeejah Hullemuth, TZ Rising
  • Samuel Williams, Conservative Party
  • CLLR Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor, Bristol City Council
  • Jodeci Joseph, CEO, Jodeci Talks
  • Darcey, Student, Wellington College

Click here to read more about this panel and watch the video.

Owen Bailey, who hosted the Black Lives Matter session quoted:

“It’s beautiful to see so many people around the world joining in on this movement. I want to start by saying; Black Lives Matter. For everyone around the world – why do you think that ‘black lives matter’? Those three small words, those three small powerful words that have caused so much controversy. For me, I think it was a little bit confused with George Floyd, in the sense that it was just about that. Black Lives Matter is a historical thing that goes back hundreds of years and addresses why black lives mattered for centuries. This is the standpoint where I come from when I speak about it, and how important it is when we recognise all lives matter, but in this moment black lives matter because it has never mattered.”

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, commented:

“What a pleasure and privilege to be part of the Global Social Leaders Festival today. A truly diverse line-up of different perspectives, stories and calls to action. The acknowledgement that this is the moment, the opportunity to create meaningful change, the sense of urgency, excitement and agency to do things better, was palpable. The Edinburgh Fringe Society will be doing our part. Thank you.”

Janvi Patel, Co-Founder Halebury, commented:

“The GSL festival has been beyond inspiring especially at a time when there is so much to heartbreak in the world.  It has been incredible to see how so many young people from around the world are working together to make a positive impact on their communities and world.  I can’t wait to see what you do next – you inspire me to do more and to do better.”

Amy Mander, Head of GSL at Future Foundations, said:

Covid-19 has kept us physically distant, but the passion to build towards a more sustainable future for all has brought us together. I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined such an energy could be created through a virtual global festival. I have been so humbled hearing from and hopefully doing a small part to amplify voices that are often seen as marginalized: Josefina, Brayden, our BLM panel and of course our incredible young changemakers. This festival was yours, it was powered by you and I hope it empowers you to take action.

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Future Foundations

Founded in December 2004, Future Foundations is an independent training organisation that aims to inspire young people to achieve their full potential and become leaders within their lives and in society. Its vision is a world where all organisations are led by socially conscious people, with every young person making the transition into adulthood with the foundations they need for their future.

We design and deliver pioneering training programmes and experiences for young people between the ages of 7 and 24 globally and for teachers and adults who want to inspire the next generation. We partner with leading organisations from the third, private, and public sector who share our vision and mission.

Working with over 20,000 young people in the last fifteen years, Future Foundations has delivered programmes for government departments, schools, colleges, universities and global companies.

Future Foundations was a winner of the Department for Education Character Awards 2015. In 2016, Chief Executive Jonathan Harper, FRSA, won the RSA Catalyst Award for commitment to supporting young people to achieve their full potential and in 2017 won the Enactus Alumnus of the Year global award, for exemplifying how entrepreneurial action for others can create a better world for all. In 2017, Future Foundations project managed a response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, working with Ark, the Aldridge Foundation and Kensington and Chelsea council, to organise a four-week summer programme of activities for young people living in the local community, who had been impacted directly or indirectly.

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The WLCI was founded on the core values of Wellington College: courage, integrity, respect, responsibility and kindness. It has three pillars, which inform the type of leaders it hopes to develop: leaders with great strength of character; the desire to serve and the skills needed to become a positive leader. The WLCI team have presented on leadership at Number 10, the Cabinet Office, the Department of Education, in China, Singapore, Mozambique and Australia, as well as for England Rugby.

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