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WOMinfinity from GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai, UAE


AIM: WOMinfinity – a project led by women, for women – aims to contribute to the education and progress of young girls in different fields of expertise through exciting courses, delivered by industry experts, which equip them with vital 21st-century skills sets. We work towards empowering young girls with quality education and providing them with opportunities to create, collaborate, and inspire. Education is a fundamental right of every child, whether a boy or girl. An educated child paves the way for an evolved community thereby creating an egalitarian society.

Our project ‘WOMinfinity’ is driven by the Sustainable Development Goals – ‘Quality Education’ (SDG 4), ‘Gender Equality’ (SDG 5), and ‘Reduced Inequalities’ (SDG 10). To reach our aim, we chalked out a comprehensive 7-step action plan in coordination with our goals and worked accordingly. We first created our brand and logo that defined WOMinfinity as an iconic community project. We next moved on to expand our outreach online using social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. We also gave “WOMinfinity” a home on the internet by creating our website. We then campaigned actively on our social media pages and also through word-of-mouth regarding our project and our goals by posting about relevant and pressing issues concerning girls in society. We partnered with prestigious organizations such as Girl Up Dubai on International Women’s Day to raise awareness in the community about Girls’ Education and Girls’ Rights. We held discussions and forums with students in the age group of 14-17 on the topic of “The Importance of Quality Education in Today’s World”. Participants freely discussed and shared their views with each other. And the highlight of the Project WOMinfinity is the impressive and educative free student-centric tailor-made workshops for girl students (in Grades 5-12). We hosted a Law Workshop on the topic of “Gender Equality and Child Rights” which marked our first collaboration with Amity University, Dubai. Dr. Sagee Sethu, Director and Program Head of Amity Law School, Dubai, was the guest speaker for the workshop.

To campaign for our workshop, we put up posters in our neighborhood and on our social media accounts. We had over 80 attendees of 6 nationalities join us for the workshop. Participants who joined were able to share the personal experiences they faced relating to child rights and gender inequality. It was truly heartwarming to see women from all walks of life come together to share their experiences and others ready to listen in an unbiased and open-minded manner. We received an overwhelmingly large amount of positive feedback from our enthusiastic participants who loved the initiative and acknowledged our efforts. Upon completion of the workshop, participants received an opportunity to showcase their skills for the Workshop Extended Task (The Final Project), which is displayed on the WOMinfinity website. They also received certificates from Amity University Dubai. In addition to the comprehensive webinars, WOMinfinity provides learners access to credible resources that focus on essential 21st-century skills like communication, programming, personal finance, human rights, science, technology, etc. We’ve had interactive contests on our social media accounts.

With our humble efforts, we have been able to surely achieve the goals we set out to in the wee days of WOMinfinity. We have positively impacted (directly and indirectly) over 170 young girl students in the community in the 200+ hours we have been involved in our project. We have gained a lot of love and appreciation on our social media platforms too. Overall, we are extremely glad to have made such a resounding impact and we promise to continue to scale the efforts to the next level in the near future. To infinity and beyond… We are team WOMinfinity!