My team is struggling to produce a digital report due to COVID 19 restrictions, is this a requirement?

We understand that school closures and social distancing have presented specific challenges to teams, one of which is producing a digital report. We are still asking teams to upload a digital element to their final submission, even if this is not in the format you had originally planned. Digital submissions can be in the form of a video or visual presentation such as Prezi or PowerPoint, once which should suit your situation regardless of whether you have collected footage, photos etc along the way.

The 3 minute digital submission enables GSL judges to see in more detail what you have envisioned and achieved through your projects. We are interested to see how you can communicate your creativity and learning journey through a format other than the written report.

If you are stuck for ideas and would like to see some examples of previous team’s efforts for inspiration you can take a look at the Projects page of the GSL website here.

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