Planning your challenge

People, Planet, Place

Make sure to keep in mind the key concepts of – People, Planet and Place – to help you identify the end goal of your challenge.

EXAMPLE: If you decide to support a local organisation, ask yourself… Does it work to improve the lives of people? Or does it focus on the helping the planet? 

  • People: Connect and support; learn to listen and amplify your own and other peoples’ voices. Learn about yourself and how to relate to others.
  • Planet: Learn how to care for the earth and really focus on global issues that are impacting negatively on our world. Brainstorm, model and create innovative solutions to global problems.
  • Place: Take local place-based action!

Check out the resources section below to find out more about ways to support people and the planet.

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

You should also think about the United Nations’ SDGs when planning your challenge. On the catalyst course, which SDGs did you decide were most important to you? Do you know any organisation that focus on this goal? 

SPRING into Action

Use the SPRING ladder framework to help you brainstorm your ideas and select a challenge which will have the best possible outcome for the organisation you will be supporting.

SHARING: How can other people support your challenge? What action can you get others to take?

POWER: What will be the impact of your action? How will you know it has been achieved?

REALISTIC: How long will your challenge take? What resources do you need? Who do you need to help you?

INSPIRATIONAL: What will impress people about what you are doing? Which aspect will make them want to get involved, or appreciate the effort you are putting in?

NOTICE: How can you get other people to notice what you are doing?

GOAL: What do you aim to achieve through your challenge?

Take it to… THE NEXT LEVEL

With the actions that you take, you can encourage others to get involved too! Study the Four Levels of Action below and ask yourself… which level is my challenge at? How could I move it to another level?

Images adapted from World’s Largest Lesson

Starting your challenge

You have now identified your passion, the issue you’d like to address, and the end goal of your challenge. It’s time to get started and decide how your goal will be met! Will you pledge… publish… or power? 


People, Planet, Place

Explore issues through independent​ study about local, national and global organisations that work to improve lives and/or the planet


Pledge, Publish or Power

Pledge, Publish or Power an organisation of your choice. See details below!



Submit evidence of what you have done by 31st March


Raise funds for a charity or organisation of your choice


Create a blog, a short report (2 pages), a poster or a 3-minute digital submission to raise awareness about the cause


Support a campaign that the charity/organisation is running already or start a campaign to build more support for their work


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