In July and August of this year, we ran the GSL Summer Catalyst @Home, funded by Innovate UK and delivered by Future Foundations.

For Phase 2 of the programme, participants undertook an independent challenge. There were 15 different challenges set by our partners for them to engage with, or they could create their own based on their interests or any issues that they feel passionately about.

To amplify our young participants voices we invited them to share their passions and record a short podcast. They were asked to submit a 5-minute podcast to explain a global/local issue, why it is important and to give ways in which it could be resolved.

We received over 68 podcasts from our young participants!

The podcasts covered various global and local issues, ranging from environmental to social topics.

Some of the key issues that the young people of today are most passionate about include:

  • Climate Change and the need to do something about it!
  • Plastic Pollution or Littering and how it affects the environment.
  • Mental Health and the current impact from COVID-19.
  • Poverty both on a global and a local scale.
  • Coronavirus and the various responses and impacts around the world.
  • Period Awareness and removing the stigma around female menstruation.

Some discussed topics that are personal to them and drew on their own experiences for their podcast.

Robert aimed to raise awareness for charities and organisations that provide support for children or teens who have a loved one with cancer.

“These organisations are really great and helped me a lot when my Mum was ill! I discuss my personal experience of how it felt when my Mum got sick, from meeting her Macmillan nurses and the other organisations who have supported me and my family. I aim to raise awareness, in the hope that they may help other young people going through the same.”

Some young people went even further and included guests on their podcasts.

Chloe talked about Women’s Rights and gave her podcast the title ‘Little Voices, Big Changes’.

“I was lucky to be able to interview Laura Perkins, who is the Director of Fundraising at the Young Women’s Trust charity. She shared lots of insights about what motivates her to work for a charity, the particular issues affecting young women’s rights, and strategies for campaigning and fundraising.”

We are so impressed with all the podcasts that we received, and the range of issues covered. We want to share these podcasts to ensure that the voices of our young people and the issues that they are passionate about are heard.

The GSL Catalyst @Home Podcasts will be available on Spotify over the weeks leading up to Christmas. Follow the Global Social Leaders Podcast on Spotify and keep an eye on our social media to know when they are released!