Masterclass #1 | Project Cycle

Masterclass 1 covers the essential information for setting up a team and a robust structure for a successful and impactful project. It is essential viewing for anyone beginning a social action project!

Masterclass #2 | Measuring Impact

Masterclass 2 provides ideas and suggestions about how to measure the impact of your project. It covers using surveys, collecting data, and much more!

Masterclass #3 | How to Power Up

Masterclass 3 provides you with guidance on how to use the new Project Update Report to plan your entire project and also how to submit the information from the Report in order to get feedback from us!

Masterclass #4 | Building Partnerships

Masterclass 4 focuses on “Partnerships,” and provides you with guidance on how to reach out to people and organisations outside of your school to help create a greater impact with your team project.

Masterclass #5 | Increase Impact 

Masterclass 5 “Increase Impact,” covers why it’s so important to know your audience and get clear on your objectives, provides you with different ways you can raise awareness and share your story, demonstrates how to effectively brand your project, and finally, gives some amazing tips to help you navigate the world of social media.

Masterclass #6 | Sharing Your Story [NEW]

Masterclass 6 “Share Your Story,” covers some amazing tips from previous finalists and winner of the competition to help you with creating a strong final submission. All you need to know about putting together your 2-page report and 3-minute digital submission. Be inspired and enjoy!