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Small Robot Company Challenge

For the GSL Summer Catalyst @Home, we partnered with 15 different organisations that all set an independent challenge for the participating young people.

One of these organisations was the Small Robot Company – an organisation that is reimagining farming with robotics and artificial intelligence. Their vision is to make food production sustainable, reducing farming’s impact on the environment and increasing farm outputs globally.

The Small Robot Company states that operating a farm with tractors is no longer the best way to address this challenge and the raw technology already exists which could produce food more cheaply, more accurately and with less waste. To address this challenge they brought together a team of farmers, professors, service designers and engineers to create an autonomous robotic farming system called Farming as a Service (FaaS).

To read more about the work that they do, go to their website HERE.

One of our young participants created an amazing poster to tell us more about the Small Robot Company and their Farmbots!


Small Robot Company in association with the National Farmers Union’s STEM educators challenged participants to design a farm machine of the future!

They provided a template for our young people to follow and were encouraged to design anything they like – as long as the machine is sustainable and beneficial for farmers.

31 of our young participants took part in this challenge and we want to showcase some of the designs that they created!

Challenge Submissions

Here are some of the amazing designs that our young people created!

Click on the buttons below to read some of the reports that were written, where participants explain further their thinking and reasons behind their design.