Invitation to become a GSL AMBASSADOR

The Global Social Leaders movement needs you! Future Foundations & Wellington Leadership & Coaching Institute are delighted to invite you to apply to become a GSL Ambassador. As an Alumnus of one of our programmes you have a unique opportunity to be a part of our World Summit team. We hope you still have fond memories of your time on the programme and you are excited of a prospect of coming back to Wellington College.

Please note: There are only 6 places available so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

Once you have submitted registration form you will be contacted by a member of our GSL team with next steps. Any questions, please email

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How will you benefit from being a GSL Ambassador?

As part of the GSL World Summit team you will be a guaranteed a unique volunteering opportunity. You will experience a fast-pace nurturing environment that will accelerate your growth and offer you an excellent addition to your CV.

You will be able to share this experience in your university application and when applying for professional roles in the future. During the programme you will have direct impact on the success of the Summit by performing some of the responsibilities below:

  • being a role model for participants
  • sharing your leadership journey in sessions and during free time
  • opportunity to provide your own GSL Inspire speech
  • supporting the operations team with logistics
  • organising and running of the Talent Show
  • creating content for social media
  • supporting reflection sessions
  • taking pictures and selecting best photos of the day
  • video editing and creation of the final montage
  • ensuring safety of participants during excursions
  • supporting Pastoral duties in the evening and during free time
  • organising film nights for participants
  • making sure all coaches have necessary resources in their team rooms at all times
  • supporting transition between sessions and meal times to ensure timetable runs smoothly

The list of responsibilities is not exhaustive and there is so much more you can add to this role. We are looking for GSL Ambassadors who can take initiative and be a great team player. No task too small and no challenge too great’ is our motto!

What do they say?

GSL has helped to hugely boost my confidence which has been useful when interacting with new people; whether it be at a job interview or a party, i’ll now talk to anybody.

I have learnt how to grasp every opportunity that comes my way and now I am inspired to travel the world and embrace different cultures.

I wanted to return to GSL as an Ambassador mainly to be part of the incredible experience the new participants would have and to help guide them through the two weeks. I also think there is always going to be room for self improvement, so I wanted to return to GSL to further develop myself as a person as well as learning new leadership skills.

After my experience of being a GSL Ambassador I’ve been offered to work for Future Foundations as a coach on the National Citizens Service in the UK and been given an opportunity to coach on a GSL Catalyst programme in Beijing, China.

I urge you to apply as it’s the best volunteering opportunity possible!

The Programme was an eye-opening experience even more me as an ambassador. It was an environment I felt gave the opportunity for people to really be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin when sharing opinions, creating ideas and communicating with others. The content in the programme was interesting and engaging and I thought that it was relevant and useful for the participants as the things they learnt and developed were transferable into life after the programme.

When we first spent free time outside in the college gardens, it was a warm summers evening and, I was playing games with a group of girls from China and India and despite maybe slight language barriers I felt like I was playing these games with people I had known for such a long time, it was like all our differences and opinions and judgements were put aside and we just accepted each other. It was so nice to feel like you were somewhere with people that accepted you for you and not what you looked like, where you were from or what school you went to, just you. GSL showed me how society should be and how important it is that I do something be yourself.

The transformation that happens from the first day to the last week is incredible. The participants establish lifelong connections and still continue to communicate to this day. Events such as the Talent show allow participants to really shine and provide excellent bonding opportunity. The participants this year really stepped up to the bar this year with their enthusiasm and passion. I wish them well and hope they can continue to collaborate between continents

I wanted to return to GSL because I love the environment and the vibe. I find it so incredible how much everybody develops and what we can all achieve if we have the freedom and the right surroundings to fully be ourselves. Moreover, I wanted to help the participants to reach their full potential and get everything they can out of GSL, and everyone always inspires me so much. I am amazed by the coaches, so coming back, I was very interested in the coaching side of GSL which was just awesome to see.

How do I get involved?

We believe that Ambassadors are key to every successful GSL World Summit. We want this to be an amazing experience for you and a wonderful learning opportunity that you will remember for a lifetime.

In order to make it happen we ask you to contribute to covering some the cost of food and accommodation. We really want to have you on board so if the costs is too much for you do get in touch with us.

We mentioned during the programme that if you bring a group of participants with you to the World Summit 2021 we will be able to discount your stay or even pay for your travel (depending on group size you will bring). We only have 6 places available so please apply today to avoid disappointment.


  • 12 days & 11 nights accommodation at Wellington College
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments
    Packed lunches for excursions
  • 10 full days of volunteering on GSL World Summit
  • Onsite entertainment included
  • Connecting with other participants from previous GSL programmes returning to support, advise and act as peer mentors for new participants
  • A cultural day trip to the University of Oxford
    A sightseeing day trip to London
  • Use of Wellington College’s facilities including sports fields and cafe
  • All programme session materials including GSL Handbook
  • Free GSL t-shirt on arrival
  • £750

If you have any questions, please contact Jakub

Jakub Goscinny

Jakub Goscinny

Global Outreach and Development Manager

Jakub has been coaching on Future Foundations programme since 2012. After two years of coaching on the GSL World Summit he stepped up to the role of Operations Director on the programme. Throughout the year Jakub works as part of our GSL Team and supports the Global Goals competition. He is also responsible for developing stronger links with our wonderful Alumni. We would love you to come back to Wellington College this summer to help us inspire a new group of Global Social Leaders. There is many ways in which you can help so do not hesitate to get in touch.


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