GSL Society pitched at RSA Engage

Jonathan Harper, our CEO and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the arts, was selected to pitch GSL Society, at RSA Engage on Tuesday 6th February 2017.  If you were not able to attend, we have included the pitch below.

“With hundreds of RSA Fellows in over 90 countries, two affiliate organisations in the United States and Australasia, and a growing range of partnerships with organisations across the world who share our mission and values, the RSA has a truly global outlook. Through combining our research, practical innovations, ideas platforms, and 28,000-strong Fellowship, we work with our dedicated network of connectors, Global Fellows, and organisations to turn ideas into action.

At the RSA we believe that everybody should be able unleash their creative potential. This RSA Engage event is an opportunity for us to showcase a range of Fellows’ projects that are tackling global issues and having an impact across the world.”

This Is Jon’s 3 Minute Pitch:

“People say young people cannot bring change, I think they are the only people that can”.  This is what a young person, who attended a world leadership summit I established 5 years ago, said.  Looking at the problems we face, I agree, and looking at the headlines and decisions being made by our global leaders, I’m sure you will all agree…that we need a new generation of socially conscious leaders.

I believe if we are to create a more sustainable future we need our young people affected most by our decisions to have a voice and to be coming up with solutions to solve the social, environmental and financial problems we are facing. They will be the ones who ultimately have to tackle many of the problems we are creating today…through our action and inaction.

I need your time, stories and connections to make this a reality.

So what have I been doing to make this happen?  Over the last 10 years, I have been on a mission to develop the leaders of tomorrow.  I’ve worked with the British Government, leading companies and with NGOs, and in partnership with the Wellington Leadership Institute I’ve established Global Social Leaders, a movement, which brings together young people from around the world to explore how to lead themselves and others.   And with the RSA’s catalyst grant we have created a new kind of ‘school club’ focused helping our course participants share what they have learned with others within their school and create change through social action projects.

So how can you help…? You can be a mentor to our students, share your story, be a social dragon, deliver training, or simply make an introduction.

If you agree we need to give young people a voice please come introduce yourself to Steph, Simon and I, who are here from Future Foundations.

Together, we can create a more sustainable future, led by positive changemakers.