GSL Catalyst Beijing

In August 2017, Future Foundations ran its largest catalyst to date at Tsinghua University High School International, Beijing. The catalyst was course directed by Owen Bailey, with Amy Mander as the Operations Director, and the grand total of 14 coaches:

Shane Franklin, Ella Simms, Amrit Kaur Lohia, Jakub Goscinny, Neusha Milanian, Joel Gatehouse, Jason Moore, Philip Hutchinson, Talia Woolley, Mary Langen, Bill Agar, Emily Curtis, Tara Klein, and Edward Caffyn-Parsons.

The whole school took part, consisting of 246 students, whose ages ranged from 11 to 18 years old. The 5 day catalyst was non-residential and took place at the host school in Beijing.

This was a pilot project, the aim of which was to introduce the students of Tshingua to different types of activities that form part of the Global Social Leaders curriculum. It sought to create a cohesive school community by promoting positive peer relationships and encouraging students to start the new academic year with the right mind set.


  • Developing the ability to value others in their school
  • Develop communication skills
  • Develop their understanding that their voice makes a difference
  • Building team work
  • Building confidence
  • Understanding that they can be a driving force for change
  • Developing their ability to be active, and not being passive

A fun-filled 5 day timetable was designed. It built on the values of Global Social Leaders and promoted the need for self-awareness and reflection in building good working rapport with peers. IT consisted of interactive workshops, team challenges and daily reflections.

The ultimate goal of the programme was to develop leadership skills, to nurture confidence, and to empower the participants to fully engage with their school community. It focused on developing the confidence of the students through experiential activities that challenged them to step out of their comfort zones. It helped the students to think about their role in a larger global society and empower them with the tools to bring about change, personally and within the wider community.

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