GSL Global Goals Competition

We are excited to invite schools to take part in the Global Social Leaders (GSL) Competition focused on the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
The aim of the competition is to develop students’ understanding of global citizenship and to turn their ideas into reality. We support young people to develop and action projects that help to achieve the United Nations’ Global Goals.
The competition is free to enter, but requires schools to appoint a member of staff to act as our main point of contact. Schools can register up to 10 project teams per school year. We will provide written feedback to all teams that submit their project plans before 31st January 2021.
We have created many resources to help you promote the competition at your school. You can also use our collection of project examples to inspire your student body with excellent initiatives delivered around the world. Click the buttons below to access the support pages.


  • School Eligibility: All schools are welcome to register
  • Age Eligibility: 11-17
  • Number of Teams per School: 1-10 Teams
  • Team Size: 3-7 Students 

Key Dates 

  • 15th September 2020 – Registration opens
  • 24th September 2020 – Global Assembly, Teacher Webinar
  • 1st October 2020 – Global Assembly, Student Webinar
  • 31st January 2021 – Project Plan Submission Deadline
  • 1st May 2021 – Final Submission Deadline
  • 17th June 2021 – GSL Festival – Winner Announcement


You can get started in the competition by completing the following three chronological steps.

Step 1 – School Registration

  • Schools need to identify a member of staff who will coordinate the competition and act as a main point of contact
  • Complete School Registration to receive the competition booklet
  • Promote the competition at your school

Step 2 – Team Registration

  • Schools can register up to 10 project teams in a school year*
  • Teams should consist of 3-7 students and have a designated supporting teacher
  • This step should be completed by the team leader or supporting teacher
  • After completion each team member will receive a unique link to complete their student registration.

Step 3 – Student Registration

  • Each team member named in the team registration will receive a unique link to complete their registration. This form is not available on the website or competition booklet.
  • Students need to have parental consent to take part in the competition. We will get in touch with parents/guardians to confirm their consent.

*If schools would like to register more teams for the competition they should email


Participants in the competition will work in a team of between 3 and 7 students (self-selecting).
The competition is for students aged 11 to 17, but we will not exclude younger/older students wishing to take part. Students under 13 must have a parent/guardian or teacher provide their email address. Please email if you have any questions about eligibility


PHASE 1: IDEA GENERATION – October 2020 to 31st January 2021 – THIS PHASE IS NOW CLOSED

Submit your project plan for feedback. We encourage you to submit your plan as early as possible to maximise the time you have to implement your project.

Remember, the more time and effort you spend completing your submission the better your feedback will be! In previous years the projects that have performed best in the competition and delivered the most impressive impact have been those driven by teams that submitted very detailed and considered project plans.

We will provide bespoke written feedback and guidance for all teams that submit their project plan before the deadline. We will aim to provide feedback within 14 working days of submission. If you submit between 4th December – 8th January then it may take longer due to our offices being closed for the Christmas period.

PHASE 2: PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION – October 2020 – April 2021

Implement your project plan and turn your ideas into reality. Share your project plan and feedback report with a teacher before implementing your project. Be part of the GSL movement and join the conversation by following #gslgoals on social media.

Share your project journey and inspire other teams around the world by submitting a blog to be featured on the GSL website.


Your team is expected to complete the final submission and attach the following two components:

  • 2 Page Report

  • 3-minute Digital Submission

Your report and digital submission should be a team effort and should clearly outline how your team’s project has met the Judging Criteria (see below). If you would like to see examples of reports and digital submission please visit our Project Library page or Commendation Awards page.


1: The team’s learning and knowledge gained
a) Share the learning they have had in their
team and skills developed
b) Demonstrate knowledge gained of their
community by their team
c) Understanding of the SDGs

2: The impact on others and the community
a) Measure and demonstrate the impact
made by the team’s project on the SDG(s)
they have selected
b) Number of students, people and
organisation(s) involved or impacted
c) Number of students and hours spent
on the project

3: Special Recognition
a) Involving other people and partners
in their projects
b) Created a project that is sustainable



  • All participants will receive a named certificate (final submission required)
  • All supporting teachers will receive a named certificate (final submission required)
  • All competition participants are entitled to a discounted place
    on GSL programmes

Commendation Awards

  • Teams who reach the semi-final stage of the competition can be awarded an additional certificate and a permanent feature on our website in one of the following categories:
    • Social Media Champions
    • Resilience Award
    • Courage Award
    • Collaboration Award
    • Junior Standout Award
    • Learning Award
    • Impact Award
    • Sustainability Award


  • The winning team will receive a GSL programme for their school up to the value of £10,000.

Registration for 2020/2021 is now open!

There is a three step process for registration in the GSL Global Goals Competition in 2020-2021. Please note, the process is required for all schools including schools who took part in the competition in previous years.

Step 1 – School Registration – To complete click the button below

Step 2 – Team Registration – To complete click the button below

Step 3 – Student Registration – The registration form will be emailed to each team member named in the team registration

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to upload videos on YouTube.
How to complete your Final Submission.
How to upload videos on Vimeo.


We are inviting schools to identify a teacher who will coordinate the competition internally.  We then ask students to register their teams. 

Once you have a school coordinator, we ask that each school registers.  Registered schools will receive an information pack with further detail on the competition. Lead teachers should therefore register to confirm your participation in the competition. During registration you can also ask any questions you have about the competition.

Following this, we ask that each team at the school registers their project. This is so that the students take ownership of this own progress. If you are a student who wishes to register a team, please make sure that your school has been registered. If it has not in the list, please provide a valid email address for a teacher at school.


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