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Did you know researchers are debating to add internet addiction as a mental disorder? I want to share a story that inspired me to take up the challenge of reducing inappropriate content addiction. The daily Nation newspaper (Kenya) wrote about Ruth Njagi, 18, who had battled an addiction that many would find hard to confess. She speaks to Joan Thatiah about her struggle to stay her path, and what that has taught her about herself.“I was about six years old when I was defiled by three pre-teenage boys from our neighbourhood in Kirinyaga County.

Closing the GAP

The need we have identified in Ghana is the lack of knowledge about 21st century problems such as pollution, climate change, bad leadership and so on. Upon realisation, the five of us embarked on a journey to find a solution that is The GAP class. The GAP class is a project led by a series of workshops, campaigns and seminars to raise awareness and participation in young people from both disadvantaged and fortunate backgrounds to close the gap between young people who have this knowledge and those who do not.

1000 book mission

We created “one thousand book mission” project to spread knowledge and education worldwide. Education is a right for many children in the world that they can’t reach it easily due to poverty and wars that has destroyed their country and its ID. Our goal is to collect 1000 books from volunteers and donate it to charities and needed schools however, we faced many difficulties to collect the needed amount of books to accomplish our project therefore, we shared our project over social media and websites to gain some support. we also created a booth in our school to encourage students to donate books. So far We are half way through achieving our goal.

Automatic Watering System

our project aims to reduce the intake of water by adopting an automatic watering system functioned by the raspberry pi. With this functional system, we opt to water plants relying on specific factors such as humidity, time intervals, etc. .

Green Warriors of GIIS EC Campus Singapore

Singapore a very small island nation, located one degree north of the equator, a place of efficient infrastructure, many sky scrapers and blessed with tropical weather. Singapore does not have any large farms, plantations or orchards, Thanks to the government which is trying its very best to develop, maintain and grow its green cover. GIIS EC Campus is a tropical haven, spread over 8.8 acres with more than 200 trees.