GSL World Summit – ‘a summer of a lifetime’

‘This experience has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. The values and leadership skills I have learnt has been very inspiring. Also the people I have met means I have a global network of friends which is amazing.’

Those inspiring words come from Emma, one of 79 participants who took part in the biggest GSL World Summit ever. The transformational 12 day leadership journey was held at Wellington College in Berkshire, hosted by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute.

Now into it’s seventh year the GSL World Summit was also attended by a special group of 11 younger students (ages 11-14) from Sri Lanka who piloted the Junior World Summit programme that we will roll out in 2020.

Representing a huge range of cultural experiences and backgrounds participants aged 15-17 came together to exchange ideas, consider different leadership models and discuss how they can make a positive impact in their own, diverse local communities. They have departed with a toolkit of skills, knowledge and a strong international network of like-minded young people ready to change the world.

Our incredible team of experienced facilitators and energetic ambassadors were hugely impressed in their ability to work together to create innovative solutions to social issues. It was a real privilege to witness the way students grew in confidence and supported one another throughout the programme.