World Robot Olympiad

Power Bots – The Future of Energy

World Robot Olympiad – or WRO – is an international robotics competition for children and young people. The mission of WRO is to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. And robotics is their way to achieve this goal.

WRO is active in over 80 countries all over the world, where a national competition is organized yearly. Over 75.000 students participated in one of our competitions in 2019. The winners of the national competitions qualify for the international final that is organized in a different country each year.

WRO offers different styles of competition with different age groups to offer something for young people from 6 to 19 years old. In the Regular Category teams build and program a LEGO robot that solves task on a playfield. For the Open Category teams work on a project and build and design a robot model that can help solve a problem. The Football/Sports Category is where robots of two teams compete with each other. And in 2021 WRO is introducing a new self-driving car challenge.

The WRO season starts on 15th January each year. From that day the international challenges will be published. The theme for the 2021 season will be “PowerBots – The Future of Energy”.