Congratulations on your Nomination for a Special Commendation Award!


Orphanage Cloth Factory (Elite Care Givers Team 2) from The International School of Elite Education, Egypt


We started with discussions about what are global goals and which goal is more relevant to our community needs, we asked our students to held discussions with their parents, teachers, and peers. We asked our students to find articles or blogs about the Egyptian community needs. We came up with a big result (POVERTY).

  • We started to lead discussions and polls we knew that we should help some poor families to have their own small business to reduce poverty for a family.
  • We started another series of discussions and research to find out which project can be relevant for our community, our students found out that manufacturing or having a small shop is the best way for these families to start a business.
  • Our Main Goal was to find a project or small business that can lead a family for a decent life with no poverty, no hunger, decent work, and decent life conditions.
  • We started to look for NGO’s that help people to start their own business especially NGO’s that work for Orphanages, we found an NGO takes care of 8 orphanages to help them to make their own business to face the latest fund problems especially after COVID 19 outbreak most of the NGO’s fundraising was affected hardly, we choos to fund a “Cloth Factory for Orphans”. It will help them to have continuous income and it will help the orphans to start a career in (Clothing industry, designing, sales, marketing, etc.)
  • The NGO promised to help Adult orphans from other orphanages who want to start a career by teaching them all what they need about cloth manufacturing or sewing craft.
  • We agreed on the NGO’s goals and criteria, so we started to make our fund raising to help 8 orphanages with this project to live a better life and to promise to help more people to get out of poverty with decent work if the business will grow in the coming years.