Safer World, Happier World!

We are delighted to share a blog written by student Mumukshya, from GEMS MILLENNIUM SCHOOL SHARJAH, who is part of team Vulcannix delivering a Global Goals project for the 2020-21 GSL Global Goals Competition.

Their project is among over 957 social action projects currently running as part of the GSL movement and we are excited to be supporting them to design and lead positive social change in their community. 

A fun, enriching experience that leaves your heart filled goodwill and the desire to make a change!

Project Summary

With the number of cases increasing massively: COVID-19 has created a constant terror in our minds. Many of us, including me, are afraid to step outside. We want to make sure people are 100% safe while exiting their houses and live without fear. At the same time, the growing population with its increasing demands for plastic have led to the rising rates of Global Warming. This needs to be stopped. Finally, many people in the world, especially of rural countries, cannot continue their education due to COVID-19. Their studies have ceased, and they don’t have equal opportunities as others.

This is where our team Vulcannix comes in. We have designed projects that tackles each of these issues.

Project 1: 3P’s Kit

We have come up with an efficient and re-designed version of the COVID-19 prevention hook known as the “Touch Tool”. This is 3D printed using recycled plastic as filament, which handles the issue of Global Warming. The touch tool prevents the user from coming in contact with a contaminated surface. It can be used for multiple tasks like picking up groceries, opening doors, pushing buttons, and much more. These are printed on-site, requiring little-to-no human assistance. This process is also automated which ensures there is no-contamination of the product. The kit comes along with a pair of gloves, a mask and a Touch Tool: ensuring your safety. Our project is not affected by logistical (shipping) challenges that are currently being faced due to COVID-19. How, you may ask? Well, that leads us to our 2nd project.

Project 2: R/C car

Our 2nd project is an R/C car that can carry loads which can reach areas that may be contagious. It can carry the 3P’S KIT and can transport it from one place to another. It is sanitized and therefore prevents the risk of catching the virus.

Project 3: Edu-Bot

We want to make sure the people are being educated, despite this tormenting situation. We have come up with the Edu-Bot which is a futuristic robot. Since one classroom cannot hold the entire number of students (due to social distancing measures), 2 teachers are to be allotted for one class. 2 classrooms are required too. However, this proves to be expensive. The Edu-Bot will be the substitute for the second teacher. It is cheaper, efficient and can do the work faster.

The Journey

The GSL Global Goals Competition was a 1st time experience for all of us. I, in particular, was given the huge responsibility of being the leader. Most of us didn’t know each other well. And to add on to the existing list, we had to do everything online. However, these problems were soon resolved and the process went smoothly.

We became close friends, we even have ‘inside jokes’ amongst us! We found out each other’s strengths and divided our work accordingly. We went upon a single mission: to make this world as fearless as before, and although we have a long way to go to accomplish our goal, I do believe we have made a small, yet impactful, footprint.

The Next Chapter

When we 1st heard about GSL, our main focus was winning. However, once we actually attended the meeting, when we went and checked the website, our main focus became ‘helping’. We didn’t care if we won or not, we cared if we made an impact.

I think this is why GSL is an amazing platform: it changes the way you think, something I believe is truly amazing. I definitely recommend this to others of my age: go, do it! Be the change, after all, the change starts with ‘you’. We, as a team, are grateful for this platform for our project and we’ll be sure to work on them even after the competition ends…