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Revolutionary Gaffers from Global Indian International School, SMART Campus, Singapore


Revolutionary Gaffers aimed to:
– tackle the widespread issue of not knowing how to recycle effectively
– Encourage and educate our friends at school about how sustainability can be achieved if we start to recycle
– Promote a more sustainable and ecological lifestyle

We realised the huge problem of waste in our country today and the inefficient recycling system. Waste is extremely harmful to the environment if not recycled properly, recycling is often seen as a waste of time or unrewarding. Eazy Trash helps you find the nearest recycling bins and rewards you with gift vouchers when recycling goals are met. We built Eazy Trash using the app making platform called Thunkable. We used pseudo code to build our app and used the aid of softwares like dialogue flow and google maps to enhance Eazy Trash.
We learned that a lot of hard work goes into creating any app and the values of not just creativity and hard work, but also patience, resilience and an excellence mindset is needed. Additionally, we have also learned about the importance of recycling and how prevalent the lack of environmental sustainability is.
Eazy Trash is an easily expandable app that can be implemented nation-wide including all bins around the country. We intend to publish our app and reach out to companies to distribute gift vouchers to daily and conscious recyclers, not only giving recycling incentives but also improving their public image of sustainability and green practices.

Additionally, we collaborated with another GSL team in our school and hosted our own podcast, “Sustainability Talks”. Members from both teams came together and held a series of interviews with distinguished guests about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. We are in the midst of releasing each podcast to our peers.

We our proud to build an app that will help enhance sustainability in our country today by helping people recycle regularly and get rewarded.