Kid’s Privacy Policy

Future Foundations collects data on its website, like all other websites, using something called “cookies”. The reason it collects data is to keep things smoothly, for security and to see how many people visit certain pages.  Often this is recording your IP, which means your location in the world, and not specifically your name or anything like that!

What are cookies?

Necessary cookies – These are what make our website work such as helping you move between pages, remember your progress. Without these cookies, the website can’t do its job properly.

Statistics cookies – Statistics cookies help website owners to understand how people use the website. They collect and report information about your online activity, like how many times you visit the website, or what areas of it you go to.

This information is anonymous, which means that no one can identify it as yours, when it is put into a report of activity on the website or reporting website errors.

What do we do with the cookie data?

The data gets used for several things, including:

  • to allow you to use all areas of the website smoothly
  • telling us of issues with using the website
  • personalising the website
  • security and safety
  • statistical reporting – for example, we might need to know how many people are using the website, or how long they spend on it

Cookies that we don’t control

Sometimes, cookies from other websites can set their own cookies on your devices, while you’re using our website. This can happen when you visit a page with content from another site like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook embedded into it. We don’t have any power over these other website’s cookies.

Controlling and disabling cookies

To change your cookie choices, you can turn off cookies in your browser settings (e.g., Safari or Google Chrome settings), instead.

Ask a parent to help you, if you’re not sure what to do.  Maybe have a chat to them about Cookies and being safe online!

Signing up to one of our newsletters

If you sign up for one of our programmes, or for us to stay in touch through one of our newsletters (such as Feel Good Friday)

We keep your personal information for 3 years if you have been on a programme with us and are no longer actively taking part in something.  All your data is automatically deleted after this time!

If you sign up for one of our newsletters, we will keep your details for as long as you want us to keep you on the mailing list!  You can unsubscribe at any time as there is a link in the emails we send, or you can get in touch with us!

Where do we keep your data?

Any personal information that you give us when you sign up is stored on our secure system called Podio.  This keeps it safe, and we don’t transfer your data between different systems.

If you ask us to, we can delete your data from our system at any time.  Just get in contact with the team running the programme (their details will be on the specific webpages for the programme, or in the emails they send you).

If you can’t find them you can contact our Operations Manager, Michelle (

Do we share your data?

Never!  We don’t pass your information onto anyone else and will only use the information you provide to send you newsletter or whenever you have signed up for!

Anytime you want to stop receiving newsletter, you can unsubscribe or contact us.

Signing up to one of our programmes

When you sign up for one of our programmes, you will be asked for specific personal information, such as your name and email address.  These are always specific forms you need to click on and press submit to send this data to us.  You will always be asked for your Parent or Guardian’s name and email as well to sign up for a programme as we always ask for their consent to enrol you, to contact you and to keep hold of your data to do this.

Where do we keep your data?

Any personal information that you give us directly is keep on our secure system called Podio. If for some reason we have to move it, we will transfer it safely and appropriately.

Do we share your data?

Some of our programmes involve working with partner organisations, who we may also share your personal information with.  We will always make sure you can see before you submit the form who else we might share this with.  We only share what is absolutely necessary with our partners and these organisations are also very careful with how they store and use your information.

We don’t share your information with anyone else outside of the programme!

We use your personal information to keep in touch with you and your parents throughout the programme.  Please check each specific programme for details of partner organisation and be sure to speak to a parent or guardian before signing up to one of our programmes!

What are your rights?

The law states that you have rights over your personal data. That means that even though you’ve given it to us, you still have a say in how it’s used! You can access the data, delete it, and restrict the way in which we use it, if you want to.

What’s most important, is that you know that you can contact us if you have any doubt about how your data is being used!

If you’re unsure about anything in this policy, you can ask a parent or guardian to help you understand it. We also have a more grown-up version of this Privacy Policy for them.