Colegio Interamericano

Our Planet Earth

We are delighted to share a blog written by student Valentina, from Colegio Interamericano, who is part of a team delivering a Global Goals project for the 2021-22 GSL Global Goals Competition.

Their project is among over 957 social action projects currently running as part of the GSL movement and we are excited to be supporting them to design and lead positive social change in their community!

A unique experience in which I am taking advantage of knowing and learning about projects, businesses, how to work in a team being efficient, etc.

Project Summary

Guatemala is a very diverse country when it comes to its nature. From the rainforest to jungles, rivers and oceans, mountains and volcanoes, and much more. Sadly we do not take as much care of our natural environments as much as we should. For many years I have realized how little the environment is cared for in my country. Our lakes, rivers and seas are becoming increasingly polluted. Some species in our territory have become extinct and very few people take action towards this cause. We prioritize many things before putting the planet earth in our consciences.

Throughout the years different companies or groups of people have started a movement of change. But that is not enough, less than around 10% of our population know how to take care of our environment, and what it means to take care and protect such a beautiful areas that we are blessed to live along. With the population increasing each year, we are destroying everything that’s given to us. Everything that gives us life. The world is crying out for help.

Since the pandemic began, nature was able to re flourish and become stronger as humans stayed away due to lockdowns. Positive results were seen in many different countries. The water of the rivers and seas were cleaned, the animals returned to show themselves after many years. We want that to be a forever thing and not just a momentary event.

The Journey

By working on this project we have developed the ability to design our messages, as well as to be able to upload the necessary and important information. Social media is something we use every day in our lives in which we communicate with our community and with others outside of our country. Many jobs are handled by social networks.

I have learned that teamwork is more complex in some situations, as well as completing work quicker and with more creativity. An aspect that is not so personal but that of the school in which we study is that they are doing a good job of seeing how they can help us, by making a space for others to get to know what we are doing. The topic that my team and I are working on is very important but not many pay attention to it. It is an issue that is difficult for students to participate and want to be part of. We can say that the situation that has cost us the most from the beginning of our project is to get followers on our Instagram page as well as in the activities we have done in person.

The Next Chapter

We plan to add a few more features to our app by the end of term three. First of all we would ask users what they want us to add so we would know from their perspective what is missing, the things that’s in our mind is fully planning the user trip, for example if they book for an amusement park we would have the amount of games they’re going to play ready etc, we will also add multi languages like Arabic and Spanish, we’ll add more vouchers and hopefully more restaurants and outdoor places.