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Lets be mentally strong!

We are delighted to share a blog written by student Kiara, from Podar International School, who participated in the GSL World Catalyst @Home in February-March 2021. 

The GSL World Catalyst @Home was life-changing.

Project Summary

One of the global issues that I am very passionate about is the stigma around mental health. Having poor mental health is something that I have suffered in the past and in my local community, I know may who suffer through the same. Especially in my community, having poor mental health is very common and so I thought it would be best to address this issue.

My project is to make people aware that having bad mental health is a very serious issue and that they should prioritise their health and themselves more than anything else in the world. That is the reason as to why I am writing this blog and currently, why I am also writing an article on the stigma around mental health to be posted in my school newspaper.

The Journey

When participating in the Global Social Leaders @Home Catalyst program, I realised that I am much more passionate about things and I am much more capable of doing things than I give myself credit for.

This program taught me a myriad of skills and key points about being a true leader and getting direction for the future. I am developing key critical thinking skills that will get me through everything I do in the future and will be the key to my problems. I learnt that I am passionate, kind, caring and that I love helping out in our community.

My biggest challenge is, honestly, myself. I find it hard to accept myself and figure out what my personality is. I have to help myself before I can help others.

The Next Chapter

I definitely think that it is very important for people of all age groups, especially young people, to get involved in projects like these that help your mind and help others. It truly makes me feel more grateful for myself and for others. It makes me realise that not many people have it good like I do and that it is important that we help those who need it. It is important to understand that we need to live with our problems and controlling them rather than letting them control you.