Adjwoa Awe, Healing Every Living Person (H.E.L.P.) |

Just jig it with AJ

We are delighted to share a blog written by student Adjwoa Awe from Olashore International School, who is part of team Healing Every Living Person.

The blog focuses on Adjwoa’s experience of the GSL Festival @Home which took place on the 18th and 19th of June 2020.

Hi, my name is Adjwoa and I came across Global Social Leaders when I thought about helping my community. I felt like I couldn’t make a change with having a supervisor over me. I hadn’t come across GSL before my setmate did it – they told me about it and how it should be registered under it.

I joined the GSL Festival @Home and lots of my friends as well as my teammates joined me. I would really like everyone to take part in this even though it is a bit challenging. I have spoken to my sister about it and she is registered already for the GSL World Summit.


The Festival

My favorite parts of the GSL Festival @Home were the break out sessions, and when we got to meet the native American. The break out session was the best because Alice was so lovely – she told us to give ourselves nicknames during this session and she was quite a friendly person.

Also the reason why I like the session with Brayden was because we got to hear about indigenous culture stories and we actually saw some of the things he made which made me happy because I have always wanted to meet or see a native American and ask lots of questions about their culture.

The Next Chapter

Global Social Leaders has helped me a lot and I learnt a lot from them. During the competition my leadership skills improved a lot and I am more confident in myself to pick up any leadership role along side with my Diana Award.

Because of GSL and H.E.L.P I have been confident and challenged which led me into winning the Diana Award due to the leadership skills learnt.

For the future I would love for my project H.E.L.P to become a national organization.