GSL Summer Catalyst @Home

Submission Guidance & Submission Form

Thank you so much for taking part in our Global Social Leaders (GSL) Summer Catalyst @Home. On this page we have provided guidance on how to submit your evidence, and given examples of types of evidence you can submit for each of the challenges.

If you have done something different to the examples provided, don’t worry. The most important thing is that the GSL team can clearly see from your submission that you have completed your challenge.

Please watch the videos in the ‘Guidance Videos’ section below to understand what is required of you with regards to submitting your challenge. You are expected to submit the following using the dedicated submission form that you have received in an email or by using the blank form at the bottom of the page:

  1. Which challenge you completed
  2. Evidence to show you have completed the challenge

When completing this form, please ensure that your name is clearly written, as this is what will be put on the certificate.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please email: or click here to start an instant chat with our team during UK office hours (9am-5pm).

We look forward to receiving your submission!

GSL Partner Challenges

Here are the challenges that have been set by our partner organisations. We have provided examples of the type of evidence you could submit for each one.

Bertha Earth

Bertha Earth asked you to think about what you love about the planet and to then demonstrate this in a creative way such as a poster or a poem. If you have created something digitally, then you can upload it as a word document or a PDF. Or if you have hand-drawn something then you could upload a photo for us.

Sounds of Protest Challenge

Amrit set you the challenge of writing a protest piece such as a poem or a song. This didn’t have to be recorded in any way, so you could just upload your lyrics or poem for us in a word document. If you have recorded or filmed anything then you will need to submit your audio or video – there will be instructions on how to do this in the form, depending on the file type.

Wellington College Environmental Society

Wellington College Environmental Society challenged you to find items that you no longer need and to donate them. You were asked to create a 3-4 minute video explaining what you did. You will need to upload this video to the submission form.

Free Periods

Free Periods wanted you to spread the word to 3 of your friends from 3 separate schools to encourage them to get involved. You could put together a brief report in a word document to say who you contacted, or upload your copy of the edited letter that you sent to your school encouraging them to sign up.


Lilypads asked you to spread awareness of their kickstarter and to support their Education Campaign (Bods_education) by setting up a group in your school. If you shared their kickstarter on social media then take a screenshot of the post to upload for us. Or if you have set up a group, you could write a short report in a word document about how you encouraged people to be involved and how many you have in the group. 

The Eden Project

The Eden Project wanted you to take one small action for nature, such as litter picking or completing their Blackberry Challenge. All you would need to do is upload photos to show you completing your challenge.

eXXpedition – the shift

eXXpedition & the SHiFT challenged you to come up with a solution to tackle plastic polution in our oceans. You might have written a report or created a poster, which you could submit as a word document or a PDF.

BID Leamington

BID Leamington asked you to find ‘your place’ and to come up with ideas to make it more welcoming, fun and safe for your community. You were asked to do some research and to get feedback from your community about your ideas, or even send a letter to your local MP. You could upload photos of ‘your place’ and a short report of your ideas in a word document. If you sent a letter to your MP, this can be uploaded alongside a screenshot any social media posts that you might have done.

Creators Club

Creators Club wanted you to come up with a wellbeing initiative for your school or local community. You might have made a video or written a report in a word document about what you did, which you woud need to submit as evidence. You may have also taken photos which you could upload.

TZ Rising

Tz Rising challenged you to raise £25 for young women in Tanzania. They wanted you to be creative with the way that you fundraise. You could submit photos of you fundraising and any posters or leaflets that you might have made.  And to show that you have raised and donated the money, take a screenshot of your donation on the website.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation challenged you to learn about the circular economy and to rethink the packaging, product and delivery model for chocolate bars. You could submit a word document where you explain your ideas. If you have any drawings or designs of your new product, then you could take a photo to upload.

The Small Robot Company

The Small Robot Company have asked you to design a machine that will help farmers to tackle current challenges in the future. You might have done some designs or drawings of your machine. If you have done this digitally then you could include this in a word document with some explanation of your ideas or upload as a PDF file. If you have hand-drawn a design then take a photo of it to upload.

Teaspoons of Change

Teaspoons of Change challenged you to complete their global goals bingo, by doing small action towards each goal. You would need to upload your completed bingo sheet and if you wanted to, you could tell us what you did for each goal in a word document.

Enactus UK

Enactus UK wanted you to choose a current issue, to research that issue and then write/create something to teach people about it. You may have done this in the form of a poster or a report in a word document which you would need to submit. Or you might have even recorded a podcast or video to submit.

Pledge, Publish, Power

If you chose to support your own organisation through the pledge, publish, or power challenges, or recorded a podcast, then please read the below guidance on the evidence you need to submit.


We challenged you to raise funds for a charity or organisation of your choice, or one of our challenge partners. All we need in the submission form is the name of the charity or organisation, evidence of what you did, and how much money you raised.

You could submit a photo or video of your fundraising activity and a screenshotphoto or website link of your fundraising page showing the amount you raised. If you wanted to take it one step further, you could send a letter or email to the organisation letting them know how much you raised!


We challenged you to raise awareness about a cause or organisation that means something to you or that you’re passionate about.

  • If you wrote a blog you can submit this as a short report (2 pages max.) as a pdf or word document.
  • If you designed a poster you can submit it as a PDF, jpg file, a photo or screenshot of it.
  • If you did a voice recording or a podcast you can submit this as an MP3 file, or if you created a video or animation you can submit this as a MP4 file or gif.

Please note, your evidence doesn’t need to be published online, this challenge is about taking safe first steps into creating a piece of work and practising rather than actually publishing something.


We challenged you to support a campaign that an organisation of your choice, or one of our partners, is running, or to start a campaign to build more support for their work. In the submission form, all we need is the name of the charity or the organisation and evidence of what you did.

You could submit a photo or video of your activity or a screenshotphoto or website link showing the activity you did if it was online. If you wrote an article or report, you can submit this as a word document or PDF. If you designed a poster/advert/drawing of support you can submit this as an image (jpg) or a PDF.


We invited you to record a podcast based on a global/local issue you are most passionate about. In the podcast you should explain to your audience why this is an important issue and why they should care. You can also share with your audience some actions they can take to make a difference.

For evidence, you should submit an audio file of your podcast. Please follow the instructions in the ‘Evidence – Accepted File Formats’ section below.

Evidence – Accepted File Formats

Here are all of the file formats we can accept as evidence in the submission form.

If you try to upload a file which is not listed below, it will not work. The maximum file size we can accept through this submission form is 50MB. If your file is in a different format, you need to send it to via WeTransfer (website linked). You can upload a maximum file size of 2GB on WeTransfer then send the link to us via email.

Note: There is a video in the ‘Video Guidance’ section below explaining how to use WeTransfer.

Please make sure your files are named clearly, with your registration number and the challenge and/or organisation name included. This will help us link them to your record and challenge. (Example: R4456_publish_Crisis or R8921_berthaearth).

File Size

The maximum file size we can accept through this submission form is 50MB.

We cannot accept files larger than 2GB via WeTransfer.

Video & Audio Files

The types of video and audio files we can accept are as follows:

  • mp4.
  • mov.
  • wmv.
  • flv.
  • swf.
  • mp3.
  • avi.

Types of Documents

The types of documents we can accept are as follows:

  • PowerPoint
  • Word Document
  • PDF
  • JPEG

We cannot accept links to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or ShareFile. 

Photo/Image Files

The types of photo/image files we can accept are as follows:

  • jpg.
  • gif.
  • png.
  • bmp.

Guidance Videos

How to complete your Submission.
How to send files via WeTransfer.
How to upload videos on YouTube.
How to upload videos on Vimeo.

The Submission Form

Please upload the evidence for completing your challenge using the submission form below. Please be advised that the deadline for submission is 6pm (UK time) on Monday 31st of August and any submissions received after this date will not be considered.

To ensure you do not come across any difficulties when submitting your evidence, please read the below points carefully:

  • You must complete the form all in one go, so make sure you have read this page thoroughly and gathered your evidence before you start.
  • All evidence is submitted at the bottom of the form.
  • Ensure your files are in the correct format, if they are not you can send us files via WeTransfer.
  • If you have completed more than one of any of these challenges (for example, you completed a partner challenge AND a podcast), then please include details of each in the required sections and upload both pieces of evidence. 
  • Make sure you name your evidence files clearly, with your registration number and the name of your challenge/organisation.