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We are delighted to share a blog written by student Manuel, from Sek Alborán, who is part of a team delivering a Global Goals project for the 2020-21 GSL Global Goals Competition.

Their project is among over 957 social action projects currently running as part of the GSL movement and we are excited to be supporting them to design and lead positive social change in their community. 

A chance to make the world a better place.

Project Summary

Hello! We are the group that formed the project Eco-Bubble in Spain, Almería in the school Sek Alborán.

We have decided to do this project because there is a big problem nowadays, COVID-19. This pandemic has affected the whole world, mostly countries who aren’t very developed or don’t have the resources to fight against this illness.

To help other people who are struggling with this virus we decided to make ecological soap which a part from being eco-friendly it is affordable to make and it is used to wash your hands and prevents the virus of getting on your skin. We could relate this with hand-sanitizer, but it is better because it doesn’t affect the pH of your skin and your hands aren’t exposed to chemicals that can damage your skin, mostly because it is made of natural resources. Since we also want to help the environment instead of buying chemicals or new oil, we asked the school canteen to save the oil they used to cook so we can reuse it in the manufacturing of our soap. As well as using natural essences and dye.

In order to make our product we needed a recipe, so we contacted a business that made ecological products such as soap, hand sanitizer and spray. We asked them to collaborate with us and show us how to make it and they accepted. They will come to our school and help us make our product.

The first organization we are collaborating with is a social canteen for people who don’t have food, they go there and get food. We thought it would be nice to take part of the soap we made and give it them and show them that even if they don’t have many resources they can still take precaution and stay safe and even make their own soap to disinfect your hands after you are some where our before and after you eat.

The second organization is called ACOES they are from Honduras. They work with schools in that area helping kids with education and health. Another occasion in which our school has helped them is sending books so they can keep learning and working. So we are going to send them soap to stay healthy and most importantly with the situation nowadays with COVID-19.

Our Journey

An important skill we have developed is organization. We have learned to organize our time to make the product and learn how to do it. We are more interested now in helping other people that need it and also helping our environment by not harming it with chemicals hard to extract. Learning how to manage COVID-19 better and to take more precautions and instead of going to the store and exposing ourselves making soap at home.

Thanks to this project we can see other people’s perspective and how they manage this virus. How we can improve their situation. Compare ourselves with other places and how we are more developed and how us as being more developed should help them and not care only about ourselves and keep all the resources to ourselves not only save us but everybody.

Finally an important skill we have acquired is that if we believe in it, we are determined and persistent we can do anything because we have to fight for people who have the right to health but aren’t able to have it. Something that has been hard for us is adapting this project with COVID-19 since we can’t have contact with other grades but we found a solution. As well as getting people to know about our project but with social media and the help of our school it has made it easier.

Our Next Chapter

It is very important that other people get involved in this project because we are our own future, our world’s future. Our country is pretty developed and in the way of sanitation we have the resources and we are able to stay safe. Even though we may struggle at times, we can’t avoid the fact that some countries don’t even have the opportunity, the chance to have access to health our other things like education. So we have to stick up for them and not fight against them, but with them.

The 2020-21 GSL Global Goals Competition is now open and runs until June 2021. If you belong to one of the 500+ teams of students currently delivering a social action project as part of the competition we would love to hear from you and feature your blog and project photos on our website to inspire others.