All young people will have to agree to abide by the participant code of conduct as a condition of accepting a place on the programme:

  1. Treat everyone on the programme with respect. Including other participants, staff, volunteers and community members.
  2. Give your full commitment and energy to the programme
  3. Be outstanding at every opportunity.
  4. Respect the facilities and venues used during the programme. Costs for damage will be passed on to the participant(s) responsible
  5. Abide by rules and instructions given by staff at all times. Rules and instructions given are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone throughout the programme.
  6. You must be in your own accommodation by the appointed bedtime each night. You are not allowed to go into other peoples’ accommodation for any reason.
  7. You must observe the law. No alcohol, drugs or weapons are allowed on programme. Theft or illegal activities will be reported to the authorities.
  8. Participants must only leave the site if accompanied by a member of staff. Future Foundations reserve the right to ask participants to permanently leave the programme if they do not abide by this code of conduct.
  9. Live Future Foundations principles. We expect all participants to commit and respect Future Foundations principles during the programme. They are as follows:
  • Take Responsibility– Owning your actions, your future and your impact.
  • Pursue Your Passion – Finding what makes you want to wake up every day and bringing your unique energy to life.
  • Contribute Your Talents – Finding a need and using our talents to meet those needs.
  • Enjoy The Journey – Striving to live in the present and enjoy the journey of life.
  • Be Authentic – Staying true to who you are and what you believe in.