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On this page are some examples of Pledge, Publish and Power Challenges from previous GSL Catalysts. We hope these will help to inspire you when creating your own challenges!


For Pledge, we challenge you to raise funds for a charity or organisation of your choice. Here are some examples of how you could fundraise!


The Charity or Organisation: WWF

How much was raised? £710

How did they fundraise?

William chose to support the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – a leading organisation in environmental conservation. He set himself a 100-day running challenge – his aim was to run 5km every day for 100 days. He started his challenge in August and will complete it on the 24th of November. He set up a Just Giving page for donations, where he has been posting his running routes everyday!


The Charity or Organisation: The Bridge at Leigh

How much was raised? £560

How did they fundraise?

Abigail chose to support The Bridge at Leigh – a charity that aims to reduce food waste, food poverty and social isolation. Recently, the Bridge at Leigh was broken into. Abigail wanted to support them to repair the damage, as they had supported her family with food deliveries during Lockdown. Abigail made posters that she put up in her local area and shared on social media. After completing her walk, The Bridge at Leigh were so grateful that they gave her an award for her fundraising.


The Charity or Organisation: The Wallich

How much was raised? £200

How did they fundraise?

Angelica chose to support The Wallich – a charity that supports and helps the homeless and is a local organisation to Angelica. She made 140 keyrings/magnets and sold them for £1 each on her drive way to raise money. She also created a poster to raise awareness about homelessness and the work of the Wallich.


The Charity or Organisation: CALM

How much was raised? £943

What was done?

Alexander chose to support Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – a leading charity in Suicide prevention. He raised money by completing a 75km bike ride from York to Easingwold and back. He completed the bike ride in 3 hours and 36 minutes! Alexander set up a Just Giving page for donations to CALM and explains there why he chose to support CALM for his challenge.


The Charity or Organisation: Heart to Heart

How much was raised? £138

What was done?

Janani decided to raise money for the charity Heart to Heart that supports Children to receive Heart Surgery and organised a Bake sale at her school. She received support from the Charity Committee and other student volunteers to run her bake sale. Janani created posters to advertise her bake sale and arranged for different people to make and sell their cakes.

Federico and Jonny

The Charity or Organisation: Greenpeace

How much was raised? £562

What was done?

Federico and Jonny created a JustGiving to raise money for Greenpeace through donations. They also organised a Zoom meeting, with some close friends and family to tell them about the problems in the Amazon Rainforest and the work that Greenpeace are doing to try and save the rainforest.


For Publish, we challenge you to create a  poster, a blog, a short report, or a 3-minute digital submission, to raise awareness about a cause or an organisation and the work they do. Here are some examples of the types of things you could do for your Publish Challenge.


Blogs & Reports

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For Power, we challenge you to create your own project or campaign. Choose an organisation or charity that you would like to support and come up with a way to raise awareness and build more support for their work.


Rosa decided to support the charity Children First for her Independent Challenge. She set up her own website and launched a fundraising campaign! She spread the word through posts and videos on social media, and asked her friends and family for their support and donations. She raised a total of £680!

Rosa also decided to write blogs and share them on her website. She challenged herself to write a blog everyday for 10 days, to raise awareness for the charity and their work. In each of her blogs she tells the story of a child that they have supported and her thoughts on their story.

Click on the button below to take a look at her website and read her blogs!


Isobel decided to support WWF for her independent Challenge. She decided to raise money by cycling 10km every day for 30 days and set up a Just Giving page where she has raised £510.

She used social media to share her fundraising and created her own website called Well & Fair. On the website she has written blogs about endangered animals and the impacts of climate change, as well as about going Vegetarian for her 30 day challenge. On top of all this, Isobel created a Well & Fair t-shirt as you can see below.

Click on the button below to be taken to Isobel’s website and to read all of her blogs!


Kitty decided to support SafeWise – a local Road Safety charity. Kitty was involved in a road accident before lockdown and was struggling with PTSD as a result. In order to help her regain some confidence on the roads, Kitty and her Mum thought it best to keep trying everyday to walk and face the challenge of the roads. This led to her making this part of her challenge and decided to walk or run a Marathon distance every week for 4 weeks. She gained sponsorship from her family and completed over 4 marathons in 4 weeks! Kitty contacted SafeWise to tell them about her challenge. They were very supportive and plan to use the money raised to promote their safety messaging.

In addition, Kitty gained the confidence to provide the Police with a Victim Statement for the upcoming prosecution of the driver that caused the accident.

“It was really hard to do but without this project I don’t think I could have done it. I have made the little changes myself by facing something that really scared me (and still does), and I have been able to talk to friends and family about the importance of road safety. I hope to continue this in the future.”