Congratulations on your Nomination for a Special Commendation Award!


BeyondFull from Cheltenham Ladies College, UK


With less time as a child we find ourselves doing duties which our parents have done for us, we see them cook for us and serve us food yet we never experienced them first hand. As upcoming university students we see ourselves cook more, however this is not necessarily something positive, as at the same time while we cook we actually realise how much food waste we generate. Coming from a very privileged background we never questioned the amount of food wasted in our households, however now that we are more independent and more aware of situations around the world, food waste for us has become something that angers us. Despite this want for change, not a lot of students or kids our age really know how to help out. This is where BeyondFull comes in as your helping hands to show how you can use your ingredients to its maximum potential in order to minimise your food waste. Our aim of our project is to spread awareness of zero hunger as well as climate action, we hope that through our recipes as well as our social media page we are able to achieve this. In the future we hope to extend this firstly within our school community to the younger years, holding weekly clubs where they can help out with the different recipes which BeyondFull puts together. Continuing from this we hope that they may carry this awareness into their homes and hopefully influence their parents to use their ingredients to its maximum potential. Our end goal is definitely to continue with beyondFull as a project in the long term, it is a project which we all hold dearly to our hearts and hope that once we graduate are able to pass it down to the younger years, allowing younger generations to see the importance of zero hunger / zero food waste as well as a potential solution to overcome this.