“The programme let us interact with people our own age, it taught us all about being GREAT leaders helped to shape the next generation of socially conscious leaders, it was so well organised and easy to access online. The whole structure of the timetable worked really well and all the facilitators were FANTASTIC!!!!”

“This course has been an inspiring journey and an amazing start to a bright future.”

“I felt so much love and interaction during the program that I felt connected even when we were miles away from each other.”

“I learnt that there are so many parts to wellbeing and it is really important to look after yourself because it not only brings out your full potential but will also impact others.”

“I learned that exchanging ideas with people from different nationalities, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds helps you to think in a different way, and to get other perspectives of the world.”

“I learnt how a passion for a topic or a talent could be the driving factor behind a massive and constructive change in your community.”

“I learned that leadership does not just come from how you treat/act around others, nor just from the action you take, but also from how you treat yourself.”

Watch the video ‘What did you enjoy most about the GSL World Catalyst?’ below to hear from a panel of students at a virtual graduation event in 2021.