Wuse 3 Primary School, Zone 6, Wuse, Nigeria |

The Green Environments

We are delighted to share a blog written by Patience Thomas, a student at Wuse 3 Primary School, Zone 6, Wuse, Abuja who is part of a team delivering a Global Goals project for the 2018-19 Global Goals Competition.

Their project is among over 620 social action projects currently running as part of the GSL movement and we are excited to be supporting them to design and lead positive social change in their community. 

Learning is a process that needs to begin at early stage.

Project Overview

We realised that there is a constant reduction in green environment, flowers for the Bees and for beautification purpose. We want to ensure that we covered the necessary areas with Green plants and flowers. Pollination is necessary in our area, without flowers it will be difficult for the Bees to pollinates. Also in learning, planting of Green grasses will educate us about different species of plants and flowers.

Children are been left behind especially those that are in the urban areas to involves in planting. This project is aimed at providing sports facilities for our school also in terms of planting carpets grasses for our mini football pitch and also planting flowers to beautify the surrounding. On the other hand, we are also learning how the Bees pollinates, the kinds of flowers they needs, and the processes of making their honey house.

Our Journey

We have developed the skills of planting, arts, sporting environment, Green environment, social interaction. Formerly, there was no avenue for this kind of opportunity to involved in horticulture or agriculture. But with this kind of opportunity been introduced to us by the GSL Global Goals Competition through our teacher, we now know how to plant and nurture different kind of plant.

We are also learning the process of building a football pitch. We are also learning how to paint Bees and their house. Our teacher made us to understand the importance of green environment. With green environment, the level of dust is reduced, the weather condition will be conducive, the environment will be a beautiful environment ,we play around without much dirty and healthy to play around.

We realised that their are some potential talent hidden in us which we are able to discovered, in terms of arts, decorating, planting, construction etc. This has really help us to developed individually. Thanks to the GSL Global Goals Competition.

The Next Chapter

Yes! According to our parents that believes that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, which this program makes us to believed that we are the leaders of today. When we do things that are extraordinary, it pushes them to do more. Our planting of flowers and building of sports arenas for the children will pushed them to do something for us that are bigger than what we are doing.

We need to start encouraging the little ones to make some impacts in their various community, by the time they grow up, it will be part of the to do something great. If there will be much awareness to introduced more schools especially the ones in the rural areas where there is little development to impact their societies.

The 2018-19 GSL Global Goals Competition is now open and runs until June 2019. If you belong to one of the 700+ teams of students currently delivering a social action project as part of the competition we would love to hear from you and feature your blog and project photos on our website to inspire others.