St. Catherines British School

Make A Change

We are delighted to share a blog written by Cecilia, from St. Catherines British School, who took part in the COBIS GSL World Catalyst Leadership Weekend in November 2021. 

She was among 200 young people that took part from countries around the world – participating in the 3-day online interactive course, and going on to complete a 30-day independent social challenge.

Cecila’s blog details her experience of the programme, and what she did for her independent challenge. 

An inspiring, motivational leap, GSL has been a source of happiness, determination anc courage, all for the benefit of our home.

Project Summary

The world is a complicated place; full of challenges and difficulties. We often feel like we are ”trapped” , and that there is no way out. We feel like there are problems everywhere. But, it’s at those moments when we must be a leader. We must come out stronger, thriving. We must address and tackle those problems, because it’s only us who can make a change. Step by step, we will reach our goal together whether that is no world hunger, gender equality or climate action.

”How can this happen?” you may ask. A simple answer is at school. Schools have evolved to be centres of learning and society, centres of socialising and having fun. It’s at school where the greatest minds develop and cultivate. But wouldn’t it be great if we all had access to this degree of education? The sad truth is that even in our days, there are major education inequalities ranging from differences between public and private schools, difficulties with foreigners and refugees accessing a correct education, and those with learning disabilities being ”neglected”. This is exactly what I have identified as a leading problem in my community. Lack of education means lack of society, and so I think that it is vital for it to be tackled.

I feel extremely privileged to be in a position where the quality of my education is exceptional, but I know that isn’t the same everywhere and for everyone. That’s exactly why my passion is raising awareness for education inequality. My project is a life-long one, but for now collaborating and working with different organisations and charities like ”Make A Wish Foundation”, and posting articles on my blog and on my newspaper is what I am focused on.

The Journey

However, all of this is thanks to the immense help and inspiration given to me by GSL. We all have bad days, but it’s important to stand up and face them with a calm, easy attitude. Our wellbeing is the most important part of self-care, and we must keep it like that.

GSL has taught me things I never knew I could do or be. Traits like confidence and determination, and skills like communication, collaboration and time management. My biggest challenge is the fear of failure. This unknown figure hovering above us at all times is something that I fear. What will I do if I can’t help with this problem? Is there even time? But it is inevitable that everyone will have to cope with it, and will the new traits that I have from GSL, I am now prepared for it.

I personally feel astonished that in such a small amount of time, GSL can make such an impact on young people, and can trigger such large movements.

The Next Chapter

These large movements are exactly what we need to be happening. There is no point in waiting for others to help or step in. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

United, we must face the problems of our era. We need these small triggers to set an ”alarm” off in everyone’s mind. We all need to collaborate to get things moving. As the next working generation, it is our duty to protect our life, our environment, our home. Only if we do this will we be able to move on as a society.

For this to happen, we need young brains to work together. Opportunities like GSL are priceless, and in my opinion mandatory for the wellbeing of our home, the Earth.