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Day 1 | 17 JUNE

0845 | Impactful Art

Bokani is a leading, female, African artist breaking new ground in abstract painting and using state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality technology to create impactful installations. She is internationally exhibited and her street art creatively brings complex, interconnected environmental and social issues to the wider public.


0930 | Welcome to the GSL Festival @Home

Welcome to GSL Festival! This session will cover the opening words and an introduction to the GSL movement.

0930 – Welcome Note
0945 – GSL Introduction
1000 – A word from our Founders: Katy Granville-Chapman and Jonathan Harper
1015 – Being a Global Social Leader: Cherry Sung, founder of Greener is Cleaner – the winners of the GSL Global Goals competition 2019/2020

1115 | How To Grow As A Leader

Leadership isn’t a fixed quality or magic power. It is more like a muscle that can be strengthened with training. It is centred on strengths of character that can developed. Drawing on research into leadership development at the University of Oxford and recent examples form around the world, this talk highlights some of the character qualities at the heart of good leadership. It will leave you with three practical ways you can grow as a leader in your own context.

Speakers: Katy Granville Chapman (Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute) and Edward Brookes (The Oxford Character Project)

1230 | Refugees: An Introduction

This session will offer an overview of the challenges of refugee protection and forced displacement around the world. Who are refugees? What causes people to flee their homelands? What kinds of rights should refugees have and what obligations does this create for countries around the world?

Following a general overview, the session be explore what young people can do to advocate for refugees, to partner with them to create social good, as well as what adults can do to educate young people more effectively about refugees.

Speaker: Alexander Betts (University Of Oxford)

1315 | GSL Global Goals Competition 2020-21 Finalist Videos

This year 448 teams from 50 countries completed the GSL Global Goals Competition. We congratulate all the teams for the amazing effort and making the world a better place through social action. After much deliberation the judges have select 5 teams out of 125 that reached the semi-finals. It is time to announce the 5 finalists!

1330 | GSL Competition Winner Announcement

Keynote Speaker Hamzat Bala Lawal from Connected Development will be announcing the winners of this year’s GSL Global Goals competition.

Hamzy is the UN SDG Action Award winner for 2019. He will be discussing mobilizing collective action against injustice. He will be focusing on his own journey into movement building and how young people can mobilise youth in their own communities to action.

1345 | Small Action Big Impact with Charles Eisenstein

Amy Mander in conversation with Charles Eisenstein. We will unpack the theme of this year’s festival: “Small Actions Big Impact”, discuss the importance of leadership, and the power of youth voice. Charles will also send a message to all participants and highlight the importance of working together.

Speaker: Amy Mander & Charles Eisenstein

1430 | The Circular Future of Fashion

The fashion industry is broken. Every second, one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. This session will explore an alternative vision for the industry by looking at some leading examples of how and where the circular economy is being applied to fashion.

Speaker: Harrison Wavell (The Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

1545 | Creative Bravery at COP26

In November of this year COP26 will be hosted in Glasgow and the worlds eyes will turn to Scotland for brave thinking around climate change.

Would you like your voice to be heard at this event? The Creative Bravery Collective in partnership with Daydream Believers, Lego and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have created a series of challenges that they aim to showcase in Glasgow during COP26.

In this presentation Helena will share these challenges and discuss her belief that creative bravery is essential when designing alternative futures. It allows us to act without permission, connect to people beyond our spheres and believe that anything is possible if you are willing to take the first step. Be brave, think big and come along to what promises to be an inspiring presentation.

Speaker: Helena Good (Creative Bravery Collective)

1630 | Reboot the Future films

Rise Up, adapted from Jonathon Porritt’s latest e-book, tells the story of the next five years through the eyes of five young people, as they each find ways to engage with the climate crisis and rise up to make a difference.

1700 | Reboot the Future Panel Discussion

Following a screening of our new short film, Rise Up, we will be sharing the stage with young campaigners Dr Mya-Rose Craig (aka Birdgirl), Ben Skinner and Rania van den Ouweland, as well as sustainability and social innovation advisor Paul Ellingstad, to discuss what young people around the world are doing in reaction to the climate crisis, how we can all make a difference, and what we should be asking of businesses, educators and leaders in the lead-up to COP-26 and beyond.

Speakers: Holly Everett, Dr Mya-Rose Craig AKA Birdgirl, Paul Ellingstad, Ben Skinner, Rania van den Ouweland & Becky Burchell

Day 2 | 18 JUNE

0700 | GSL Inspire

10 speakers, 10 amazing stories! Hear from our socially conscious young leaders as they share what matters to them and what they have learnt along the way.


0915 | Facts alone aren’t working: How to build movements and communicate with impact

World-renowned youth activist and YOUTHTOPIA founder Melati Wijsen in conversation with scientist and AimHi Head Teacher Matthew Shribman.

This live, interactive session will cover how to build movements on local and international scales, how to make an impact as a young changemaker, and how to communicate in ways that shift paradigms and change people’s behaviours.

Bring your questions as, in the style of an AimHi session, there will be a lot of audience involvement!

Speakers: Matthew Shribman (AimHi) & Melati Wijsen (YOUTHTOPIA)

1030 | World’s Largest Lesson

Join Kinvara Jardine Paterson from the World’s Largest Lesson and learn more about the Climate Changemakers.

You can can involved in the campaign and write your message by visiting the Climate Changemakers page HERE

Speaker: Kinvara Jardine Paterson (the World’s Largest Lesson)

Live from global assembly

1100 | The Power of Peoples Politics

How we need to rethink and reshape politics

Speaker: Activist and writer Athian Akec

1145 | 52 Climate Actions; Something for Everyone

Speaker: Chris Warburton Brown (The Permaculture Association)

1230 | The best nature based solution: Nature Premium

This session will take a deep dive into Blue Marine Foundation’s educational programmes that are aiming to empower and inspire all generations to protect and care for our ocean. It will discuss the value of hands-on education projects that are being delivered in the volcanic Aeolian Islands (Italy), as well as BLUE’s broader educational resources. This includes an immersive and interactive ocean-climate platform that aims to help individuals visualise the critical link between the ocean and climate change, due to launch this year.

Speakers: Sarah Lawfull (Forest School Association/ Where the Fruit Is) Sara Collins (NaturePremium Campaign) & Richard Dunne (The Harmony Project)

1345 | The Sea We Breathe

This session will take a deep dive into Blue Marine Foundation’s educational programmes that are aiming to empower and inspire all generations to protect and care for our ocean. It will discuss the value of hands-on education projects that are being delivered in the volcanic Aeolian Islands (Italy), as well as BLUE’s broader educational resources. This includes an immersive and interactive ocean-climate platform that aims to help individuals visualise the critical link between the ocean and climate change, due to launch this year. Empowering all generations with marine conservation education.

Speaker: Sophie Locke (Blue Marine Foundation)

1500 | The Future of Environmental Learning: Project RENU (Research Expedition for Net Zero and Universal Learning)

Earth Minutes will present their latest work and research, from producing content for Schools/Universities to the World Congress of Soil Science (2022). From this, the critical role that education plays in engaging the unengaged in the environment will be explored through their current National Research Project, ‘Project RENU’ (Research Expedition for Net Zero and Universal Learning’), in association with Durham University.

Project RENU is an initiative that investigates how environmental field-trips could be made more accessible (ie. physically and financially) to all students, and how Universities must lead by example to provide all students with the sufficient tools to learn about the environment in a fundamentally sustainable way (ie. low-carbon impact). Insight into their current findings will be revealed, and discussions surrounding the future of environmental learning will be invited.

Speaker: Emma Askew (Earth Minutes)

1515 | Small Steps, Big Dreams

“Small Steps, Big Dreams”

All big dreams start with one small step but you have to take action to turn those dreams into reality. This presentation will take you on the journey of how Michelle founded World Afro Day® a day of change, education and celebration of Afro hair and identity. She overcame bombs, fear and a lack of funds to make her dream come true. Since 2017 it has been endorsed by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human rights. The event is now celebrated by over 10 million people, including celebrities and international brands. World Afro Day often features in the media and is working to end Afro hair discrimination in schools and society. Is any dream too big? Is any dream impossible? Could you be a part of it? Find out what small steps she took to fulfill her dream.

Speaker: Michelle De Leon (World Afro Day)

Live from global assembly

1640 | Period Power Panel

with Ella Lambert, Het Joshi and Atyantika Mookherjee

1730 | From Dinétah: An Indigenous Perspective for a Changing World

Diversity holds a strength. This session shares how one individual is blending Indigenous and western knowledge in her research on how climate adaptation influences water resource management approaches in Indigenous and rural communities.

Speaker: Nikki Ray-Tulley

1830 | Performance by Tamara (Student)

Tamara is a Global Social Leader who will be performing her song ‘Change’ live to close this years GSL Festival @Home.

1915 | Leading to a future you love, your Big Yes!

Speaker: Matthew Lee (Harvard University), James Ritchie-Dunham
(Institute for Strategic Clarity), and Katy Granville-Chapman (Wellington Leadership & Coaching Institute)