We are excited to share the blogs written by students from around the World who are taking part in our GSL Global Goals Competition. Every article tells a story of incredible young people who are creating positive social change in their communities. 

We want all our participants to be inspired by each others journeys, and to feel part of a global network of schools and students who are committed to creating a better world.

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How G-roots can inspire your inner self

To overcome this issue and create a balance between economic growth and the sustainability of the environment, a group of 4 students came up with the idea to promote vertical gardens through the project G-Roots.

Saving Our Oceans (PCIS' The Reefs)

Our team’s primary goal is to restore and preserve our area’s beaches and to raise awareness about the problems in the area such as the death of corals, erosion, plastic and aquatic pollution and human or animal threats towards our native species.

Gardens For Change

Our Project is called Gardens for Change and we have chosen to base our project on wellbeing and good health and the environment.


"We all are makers of human life"

The Challenging Journey

We are the NoEmissioners. This project is based on the issue of rising CO₂ emissions.

To The Better

Have you ever noticed how you are feeling? Maybe you didn’t because you are too stressed with completing tasks in your life that you don’t take enough time to care for yourself. To sit alone and relax your mind. You might think this is stupid but, mental health plays a decisive role in your well-being. If you are not feeling well, you will get less stuff done in your life and you won’t feel good.

Period Power

Adira is a youth- empowered Non Profitable Organization fighting to end period poverty and taboo across India through service and awareness camps. With millions of women and girls menstruating daily, this is a subject that concerns half the population around the world. However, the issue is particularly prevalent in India where only 36 percent of women have access to sanitary pads.

Collect For Future

The project, supported by Eker & Collect For Future, adopts the principle of benefiting society with social responsibility activities, while contributing to environmental cleanliness and sustainable future.


We started this project because we realized that people know feminism wrong and some of them don’t respect women rights. So, we wanted people to learn what real feminism is. We attended this competition to show people that both genders are equal. We want both genders to have equal rights. We want women to raise their voices and talk without hesitation.

GSL Little Heroes

It all started on September 22, 2020 when we were invited to an AHA meeting (Amin Hasan Award – Middle School activities Department), they introduced the GSL Competition, we immediately knew we want to be part of the change and make a difference! We thought that together we will be a great team. We made a group, we shared our thoughts, ideas and beliefs, can’t forget the enthusiasm we had then when we all decided to join in without thinking of it twice.

The Reminiscence

Hotdogs is an NPO and a youth led social organisation. We established it with a single thought in our minds and that is all our works, initiatives and efforts are mainly focused on two SDG goals set by the United Nations which are Life on Land and Zero Hunger. Hotdogs is also an ever growing group of individuals of The Scindia School, Gwalior, India who value the resources gifted to all of us by the nature and believe unanimously in practical actions.